Divine, Naezy And Dee MC Featured In Grazia Magazine April Edition

Mumbai rappers Divine, Naezy and Dee MC are making waves with their latest feature in Grazia Magazine. Grazia turns 9 years old and the team celebrated the same with April edition. While sensuous Alia Bhatt graced the cover of the magazine, our Hip Hop artists had a feature of their own.

Feature photo looks sizzling hot too! Divine can be seen sporting all Adidas Original gear with a Forever 21 camo jacket. Naezy wears Quicksilver, DC and Adidas original gear. While Dee MC can be seen wearing DKNY sheer dress and metallic hoodie by Nor Black Nor White. Bringing the stylish part of hip hop to the surface!

Grazia magazine divine naezy dee mc

Divine, Naezy And Dee MC Strike A Pose

Grazia covers the journey of all the three rappers in a unique manner. One can see Divine, Naezy and Dee MC open up like never before. Divine and Naezy have already penned their stories through their tracks. Grazia gets them to open up about personal life as well.

Divine shares the story of his mother working abroad for him to lead a good life. So does Naezy, whose dad works in Dubai. Interestingly all three rappers share this trait in their life as Dee MC’s father also works abroad, in Saudi Arabia. Which is an emotional quotient in their life, something that reflects in all of their lyrics.

Divine and Naezy share some details of their journey to the top tier of hip hop in India. Issues they faced, the scene then and now, future plans and much more. Dee MC gets chatty about her experiences as a female in a male-dominated genre. Speaking up on being boxed as a feminist which she feels is hypocritical as she hasn’t done anything significant to better the lives of women around her.

The article also mentions other well-known names from the scene. Such as Swadesi, Sikander Kahlon, Brodha V to name a few. Hip Hop is certainly on the rise, anyone denying it is living in a dream world. Grab the latest copy of Grazia to get the whole scoop of the inside story!