DIVINE Makes A Strong Comeback With, ‘Farak’.

Divine aka ‘Jungli Sher’ just dropped his new video, ‘Farak’ and those who thought that he was going to take a commercial route after ‘Daru, Daru’ end up looking pretty silly.

‘Farak’ is as Hip-Hop as Hip-Hop can be. There is no denying the fact that Divine took some time to drop it, but after looking at the video and listening to the track, it was well worth the wait. Divine has had one hell of a ride and all of this has been possible because of an honest self-expression. You can see the same happening in ‘Farak’. He lets out plenty of emotions on the track and has mentioned it in a lot of interviews that his mother is his pillar of strength and he has dedicated a few bars especially for her.

“Tumse kya chupana Maa, kabhi gumm mein bhi pee raha hoon
Mein mere Maa ke liye jee raha hoon
Gumm mein bhi pee raha hoon
Sarr se toh dheela hoon,
Kyon? Sadkon pe seekha hoon”

Divine is respected for his fierce lyricism and ‘Farak’ is rock solid proof why. This track also proves that Divine is a versatile artist, usually known for coming out with bangers, this time he decided to address to something more personal and emotionally involved. Other than his mother he also reaches out to his brothers, friends and other artists who have helped him become who he is.

“Woh khel hi nahi hai jisme haar ke mein jeeta hoon,
Jo bolta hoon lala woh mein asliyat mein jeeta hoon.
Bol, kaise Maa akele, tunne zhalim dard jhele,
Koi saap koi sapere, ek dete dugna lere,
Ghutnon pe hai salaam tujhko.
Shukriya papa tumne banaya apna baap mujhko,
Mara mujhko, toda tumne saara kuch toh.
Chodd diya uss rani dil ko chahiye tha sahara unko,
Kabhi nahi bhoole apne bhailog ko [Kabhi nahi!]”

The video has been shot by JD from ‘Gullygang’ and he has captured sights and gullies of Mumbai and Goa. The video features Nucleya, JD, Raja Kumari, Gangis Khan among other artists who have been working with Divine on new recent projects. ‘Farak’ seems to be his most personal and honest track yet. Check out the video for it here: