Dirty IshQ Is Back With Very Explicit Content

Parental Advisory Content is something you can expect with the ‘Dirty IshQ’ series started by IshQ Bector as he made a comeback to the Desi Hip Hop scene with ‘Dakku Daddy 2‘, which reached a million plays real quick. The Dirty IshQ series definitely is pushing the boundaries for vulgarity in the Desi Hip-Hop scene and with the latest drop ‘Saiyaan Roti Pakaai Dungi’ it set a new limit.

A majority of listeners would pass this off as a ‘fuck-all’ track but that is what it is. IshQ Bector’s use of witty lyricism to reach to the masses and it spreads like wildfire. Again people shouldn’t take offence because this project at the end of the day is all fun. The chorus is catchy and the hook/bridge is fun to listen to, while IshQ’s lines are hilarious. This is something new in the Desi Hip-Hop scene, like a wave of freshness or a high tide of art.

“I’m Cleaning Out My Closet” – IshQ Bector 

IshQ Bector is known for dirty songs and this track is definitely the most dirtiest I’ve heard from him. Also a little background on the track, the original version of it was stolen from a studio secession IshQ Bector was working on and it made it to the Internet. Well now you know whose track is it.

Listen To IshQ Bector’s recent drop here (PLEASE PUT YOUR EARPHONES ON) –

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