Dino James Speaks About Being Dark In “Kaalia”!


Dino James, a Mumbai-based music producer and a hip-hop artist is back again with his new track “Kaalia”. Dino James is famous for doing tracks likes “Girlfriend” and “Loser”. In each track, Dino James reveals a story about his life. He always has a special message in his tracks too.

In addition to “Kaalia”, the track is a common unsaid emotion. It is his experiences of being a dark guy in India. “Dino James said “In my style, it’s funny that we live in a country where more than 70 % population is dark.But we still crave for fair skin, not fair right?” The track “Kaalia” is composed by the man himself. Shadab Rayan did the post production for “Kaalia”. Riddhiman Chatterjee did the programming for the track. Himanshu Tyagi shot and edited the video for “Kaalia”. Vocals of Sweetie, Aadya Sagar, and Shalini Kapoor Sagar are used as additional vocals for “Kaalia”. Nilesh Patel, Girish Nakod supported him in the musical creation of “Kaalia”. Saif Moin Khan did the photography for “Kaalia”.

As a matter of fact, we know that in India, being black is still a taboo. People still discriminates you on the basis of your color. Being black is a considered a crime. Dino James put out the nice theme on his track “Kaalia”.

I’m sure you guys will surely get connected to this record. Mention your views in the comment section about the theme and the track as well.

Stream “Kaalia” By Dino James Here: