“Girlfriend” By Dino James Just Crossed 1 Million Views On YouTube!


Dino James Girlfriend Image

April 2017 was very special for rapper Dino James as his track “Girlfriend” crossed 1 million views on YouTube. He posted this achievement on Facebook and thanked all his fans for helping him reach this milestone.

1 million mark is a very big thing for desi rappers as the genre has a very reasonable audience. There are not many desi hip-hop listeners if we compare them with the listeners of hip-hop, in general. But given the talent and musical acuity, Dino achieved this milestone.

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“Girlfriend” was Dino’s first ever track. When Dino released “Girlfriend”, he was completely new to the hip-hop culture. Dino had a long way to go in terms of both his musical talent and fame. Gradually, he surpassed all of these obstacles and showed the world what he is made of. Dino learned from his mistakes and his failures but he didn’t let them pull him down. He rose up to the occasion and improved himself and became successful rapper.

He has also said that there is more to come and it is going to be much better than his previous tracks and given the reception that “Girlfriend” received, we are sure that his upcoming tracks will incredible and groovy and awesome.

We wish all the very best for his upcoming tracks and congratulate him for achieving this milestone of 1 million views on YouTube and pray that his upcoming tracks receive the same reception that his track ” Girlfriend” received.

Watch Dino Jame’s “Girlfriend” here: