Dharavi’s Influence on Desi Hip Hop and the Crews it Birthed


Dharavi’ often referred to as Asia’s largest slum and situated in the heart of Mumbai and infamous for its crowded living, where as many as 18,000 people crowd into a single acre of land. Apart from the shabby by-lanes and congested slums, there is something else the slum, one of world’s largest, is getting famous for now. And No, we are not talking about the industry goods they produce.

The slums of Dharavi are home to some of the rising hip-hop crews who are taking the culture to the next level. It all started when Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire introduced Dharavi to the world but the world only got introduced to the poverty and slums, they didn’t have the slightest clue that how people in Dharavi are keeping it real when it comes to hip hop, and are often blinded to the fact that these slums house some of the greatest talents rising talents of the desi hip hop scene.  Online music retailer Bajaao also shot a great documentary about the Dharavi hip hop scene named Dharavi Hustle,

We are listing some of the hip hop crews active in Dharavi’s hip hop scene who are turning the heat and producing some dope ass shit records for the masses.


SlumGods, founded by Akash Dhangar aka ‘Akku’. It’s an underground hip hop crew, they are considered as one of the first ones to form out of Dharavi. The group’s name was inspired by the Oscar-winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, as movie released the year the band was formed. The group includes graffiti artists, b-boys, beatboxers, Dj’s , representing all the elements of hip hop culture.


Dopeadelicz, is a hip hop group based out in Dharavi itself, The group composed of rappers Tony Sebastian, Agnel Avinash Benson and Rajesh Radha Krishan. Dopeadelicz, as the name, suggest they mainly rap about stoner culture and call for the legalisation of marijuana. The band has a viral single called ‘Aai Shapath Me Nvahto‘, depicting an encounter with a policeman in Mumbai.

7 Bantai’Z


7 Bantai’Z is another group of young rappers from Dharavi. The group consist of rappers Yoku Big, Lil Damn, Crack Pot, N Square. A Stan and Note. They released their single ‘Bantaiz Of Mumbai’ which got appreciated by hip-hop fans. The group also got featured in the documentary Dharavi Hustle.

Bombay Mafia

Bombay Mafia, consist of rappers Usman Shaikh, Sajid Shaikh and Faisal Sheikh and is one of the youngest hip-hop crews in Dharavi. They have got an appreciation for their rapping skills and is killing the hip hop scene right now. They mainly rap in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu to name a few.




For the members of this group, rapping is similar to the political movement that took off in the US in the 1990’s. One of the members of Dog’Z quotes “Rap is about giving a message. Not like I got this, I got that, I got bitches” The group consists of rappers Sense and Prince, B-Boy/ Beatboxer Nex-Z & Rahul, XD (Manager)