Dewars drops Yaad Rakh ft. Benny Dayal & Naezy

If anyone ever said that Hip-Hop does not have a future in India, he or she should be shown this. Dewar’s is back for it’s fifth season and in the very first episode decided to take the Bantai from Mumbai, Naezy alongside Benny Dayal in the first episode itself. The name of their track is ‘Yaad Rakh’

Naezy raps the following
“Haatho ki lakiron main jo likha hai wo hona hai,
Mehnat asli Karley, jo pathar tha who sona hai”

The concept of the track is fantastic and it is based on fate and how one can mould it into what he or she desires it to be. Benny Dayal’s soothing vocals are accentuated all over the track and it is difficult to get away from it even for a minute.

Naezy delivers crispy rhymes telling about fate and his trademark multiple rhymes in a line bring out the best in the track. Dub Sharma has produced the track and boy oh boy the production is freaking incredible, a perfect blend of organic sounds with progressive elements, it does not getter than this. The track floats between different ambiences which keeps the listener glued to the speakers.


The whole episode is captured very beautifully and show some of the most breath taking sites in Manali. It is no surprise that Dewar’s is a well-funded project but they have used the funds judiciously and the end product is awesome. Have a look at the entire episode right here :