D’EVIL Has Got The Jugaad For Your Kadki


D’evil is known to be an entertainer by all means in the Bombay underground circuit. He is the type of happy go lucky bloke who tries to find a silver lining in every dark cloud, even when the dark cloud is his wallet and it is empty enough to hear your voice echo. D’evil has dropped ‘Kadki‘ and it is an amazing take on the situation of being broke.


In a genre which is glamorised by Money stacks, cars and bling-bling, D’evil successfully broke the stereotype. The content is spot on, the beat perfectly captures the true essence and if you read and interpret what he says on the record, you will see how one can find a ‘Jugaad‘ to come over temporary financial setbacks or what desi’s call ‘Kadki‘.

The track comes along with a brilliant one-shot video and captures lyric for lyric perfectly. Mad props to Kedar and Jaljeet for pulling off such a captivating and brilliant video.

I caught up with the big homie, this is how our conversation went.


Q1. What is D’evil been up to ?

I’ve been up to a lotta fun stuff, acted in my first commercial film, did some charity work for my city as a doodle artist. Making Hip-Hop music has always been on my checklist every year. So I’m working on 5-6 singles now with a strong content base and out of the box video concepts for them. I’ve just been keeping my mind running, whatever ideas hit me I try to execute it. This year has been a ride for me. Shooting and recording ‘Kadki’ was one of the most difficult experiences for me as well as for Kedar Amburle and Jaljeet Ajani who directed and shot this video. We have been planning this one since July 16.

Q2. The new video is sick, what was the concept behind it?

Well thank you, I’m glad you like it. The concept was very simple. It’s about money. The term ‘Kadki’ means broke. However, the concept was to show people that money should not be the main focus of life. Giving examples of people living in middle-class families and showing their daily hustle in a one-shot video. When I wrote this track, all I was thinking about how people in a city like Mumbai adjust to situations due to the shortage of finance and most of them are positive about it. So I wanted to show a funnier/lighter side of the middle-class financial issues. Everyone is broke someday or the other regardless of how much they earn and the reason is greed. People need to be satisfied with what they have or work harder to achieve your goals. So, you being broke is your own fault. Take ownership for it. as my hook line says, “Pocket khali ab kha gaali, kyuki niyat teri kaali hai”.

Q3. What got you to make, ‘Kadki’ ?

Honestly speaking. I was broke and as an adult, I had to deal with my financial shortage in life. I did my Jugaad and came out of it. When I experienced this, I realise that this is one thing that everyone can relate to. Most of my friends are broke including me. Wanted to write about this topic ASAP. I wanted to shoot a video for this song in one take and I had a crazy location in mind. The place where I was born and spent my holidays during school. A Chawl in Dadar West, Mumbai. When Directors of the video, Kedar and Jaljeet, saw the location they couldn’t hold the excitement to shoot this crazy idea. Made me wanna finish this project and put it out soon.


Q4. Describe the writing and production process for the track ?

It’s very funny actually when I first started to learn FL studio I had made several beats as samples, this beat was one of them. My very first production on FL studio and I always thought I would never be able to use it. A couple of years later I wrote Kadki, while I was looking for beats for this track, I came across this beat named Crocky which I had produced a few years back, bang! the verse and the theme were going hand in hand. I was so excited to drop a song on my own production. Writing the song was another game. I am a rapper who focuses on quality lyrics and flow. Writing this song was a challenge, it needed to have multi-syllable rhymes in Hindi and my Hindi vocabulary back then was weak but gradually I did my research and wrote the first line. Words just went on connecting after that.

Q5. How are your future releases looking?

There is gonna be a range of Hindi rap songs which I am planning to release but that doesn’t mean I am not gonna rap in English anymore. But yes, the upcoming few years you gonna hear a lot of Hindi rap from me. There are gonna be path breaking videos (I am not just saying this, just wait and watch) I’m gonna make the kind of music you have never heard from me before. I will be collaborating with a lot of my fellow rappers and also singers. I have two more songs waiting to be released, which are in collaboration with Enkore. DreamTeam the crew is doing some really dope shit soon. So the future is well planned.

Q6. Any message for fans and followers?

Yes people, I just want to say I am very glad to be a part of this Indian Hip-Hop scene and I really appreciate the support from each and every one of you. I’ll always make sure I provide you all with quality work and guaranteed entertainment from my end. Just need y’all to believe in me.

And yes, Money problems are temporary so do things that make you feel the best.