DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W/4)


We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely dedicated to the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience. We’ll bring you some of the week’s best releases from the underground and you’ll have to decide if they’re Hot or Naah!

This week witnessed a lot of releases but these are the ones that we thought were the best.

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1. Jump- Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective

Sun J and Crost, the New Delhi-based rappers and works with a  hip- hop crew called Khatarnaak Hip- Hop Collective dropped a new track called “Jump”. In addition to “Jump”, the instrumental is produced by Sun J.

Likewise, the video for the same was shot by Advin. With a bouncy hook which says “Jump Jump”, this track will give you the chill vibes.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Padh k leta tu jo gyan,

Kar raha woh 7 saal se mai,

Seekh de raha le grahnd kar,

Le thode maan se”.

Stream “Jump Jump” Here:

2. Scorching- Rifle V

“Scorching” is basically a freestyle verse. As a matter of fact, the bars are not a diss to a particular rapper. He pointed out those who think of themselves very high in the game by throwing cash, by bringing models, cars in videos, using dope beats and efforts of engineers.

But, according to Rifle V, the actual artist or the rapper ain’t having any such type of talent or that kind of lyrical ability which is required for real hip-hop. This is a battling song, sounds very similar to some Old School hardcore and ghetto rapping and also a challenge to all such type of artists.

The instrumental he used in this track is the Hindi version of the song “My Own Home” from the movie “The Jungle Book” and is produced by Cloud Productions.  Arjun Jain AJ did the post production for the track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track
“The rhymes I spit are much more than what you know in yo total English vocabulary
The rhymes I spit are much more than likes of yo facebook profile picture gallery
The rhymes I spit are much more than the diet of yo packed gym calories
You can take rhymes cause I honor each of their handsome salary”.

Stream “Scorching” Here:

3. Cold- $age CJ

The track is basically bilingual. In addition, the verses are in English and Kannada. The track basically focuses on hate, despise, and foulness that the outside world puts upon a person that causes him severe grief and discomfort about the world and the society we live in. This track was produced by “Feelo Beats”.  Mr. Hitanshu did the post production for “Cold”.
Significant Lyrics From The Track

“They use religion as a blind reason to breathe in their toxins,

By causing lesson to heart, their mouth a shit load in cartons,

Using evil in their veins to fuel their devilish ways,

Crossing lot of paths, even some levels in space”.

Stream “Cold” Here:

4. Criminal- YB Rapper And Rapper AJ

“Criminal” is a song from the group member of autonomous hip-hop group WAR. It uses the hook of a song by Britney Spears by the same name. In addition to “Criminal”, YB Rapper and Rapper AJ lends their voices to this track. The track revolves around the feelings of the girls towards the hip-hop artists. Manish Vaid did the mixing and mastering of the track.
Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Ek Passe mei te Dujje passe parivaar ni, kinnu choose krengi,

fer haske o kehndi jo kehna oh kehta C, Family mana langi,

Banu tere saah main banu teri afeem,

Jive joker dii harley Quinn”.

Stream “Criminal” Here:

5. Chill- Gurekam Jot And Jack Ameen

“Chill” is a brand new track from Gurekam Jot’s  “June season 3” featuring 1/4 part of D-Hustlers Jack Ameen.  Gurekam Jot himself did the production for the track “Chill”. D-Hustlers did the video for “Chill”. Jack Ameen is the guy behind the editing of the video.

This is the second song of “Jot’s June Season 3”. He completed the music production to the video production within one day. The hook of the track says it all that “We are living a fun full life and we have no tension about anything the people use to say”.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

I wanna be a zero to billionaire,

Funeral tak king life jini serious,

Life joke mere howey Blood roz double,

Main hip- hop Banda no engineer”.

Stream “Chill” Here: