DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W/3)

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We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely dedicated to the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience. We’ll bring you some of the week’s best releases from the underground and you’ll have to decide if they’re Hot or Naah!

This week witnessed a lot of releases but these are the ones that we think were the best

1. Free Verse- Tapas

Tapas Pant aka Tapas works with a Delhi-based hip-hop crew called Khatarnaak Hip- Hop Collective. This guy was inspired by the artists like DMX and Rakim. The reason, he is on the list because he dropped his solo free verse. Apart from this, he has worked on tracks like “Chillin Walla Scene” and “Fuck Fake Rappers” with his crew.

With his unique usage of Hindi words, and vocabulary Tapas wants to connect and relate to the people and wants to deliver his message through hip-hop. This free verse was shot by Jinn. He himself edited the video and the beat is produced by Sun J.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Rap se chalani ab mujhe ghar ki grehsti,

Hai jeeb mai padi atthani na koi cheeze sasti,

Hai bhag tha nahi hun mai sidhe karta hun samna,

Mushkil jitni aae kardunga uska khatma”.


Stream “Tapas free Verse” Here:


2. Muqabla Refix- Badbola, Brutas, And Manu Ramagarhia

Nitish lath, commonly known as Mr. lath aka Badbola did the refix of Bohemia’s Muqabla featuring Rahul Marwaha who goes with the stage name Brutas, hails from Jalandhar and Manu Ramgharia, hails from Ludhiana.

Firstly, Brutas Spits his verse followed by Manu Ramgharia and after that,  Badbola. Everyone spat their verses very well on the beat.

Significant Lyrics From The Track:

“Eh gaane jode 3 shehr,
Jalandhar-Ludhiana te Chandigarh,
Sun sade ganne sun le Punjabi trap,
Shout out KKG shout jo ne real,
Jo mic te aake beatan krde ne kill,
Desi hip-hop krana mai Patent,
Illuminatic Music mai ohde te satan”.

Stream “Muqabla Refix Here:


3. Enna Sona Rap Version- Rishi G

He was sitting at his home and was listening to that song, As a matter of fact, he loved the vibes of the song and he couldn’t resist himself by adding some rap flavor to it. In fact, he thought that he doesn’t want to ruin the vibes of the original song and it should go with the flow.

So, he started writing the lyrics. He wrote the whole rap in just 10 minutes. He did the mixing and mastering of the track as well.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Ek Panna humara bhi hoga kabhi,

Pyaar ki kashti ye doobne na dunga mai,Khud sunu beshak duniya ke saare taane

Khud sunu beshak duniya ke saare taaneTujhe na kabhi bhi aise na rone dunga mai”.

Tujhe na kabhi bhi aise na rone dunga mai”.

Stream “Enna Sona Rap Version” Here:


4. Faded Pictures- Phoenix Featuring Avantika

The theme of this track revolves around suicidal thoughts and contemplation about life and what has to lead the artist to this point. The first verse incorporates subtle jabs at suicidal thoughts and the feeling of regret. The second verse gets heavier emotionally and a form of impulsiveness is added to it, with clear hints that point towards these suicidal thoughts.

The third is where he kind of lose all hope and let it all go. The hook is basically an inner voice giving him the strength to face everything, but it’s the pessimism that triumphs in the end. The track has been produced by Accent Beats and he himself did the post production for “Faded Pictures”

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Pulling me towards that hell with my back to the sky,
I even wrote down a thankless Goodbye,
But don’t worry I’d be grateful the next time,
Yours truly” will be the ending of my best rhymes”.

Stream “Faded Pictures” By Phoenix Featuring Avantika Here:



5.  Decimate Em- Thrillokh, Nicki Ziee, And Man-El-Son

 Basically, this track is a collaboration between Chennai-based rapper Thrillokh, femcee Nicki Ziee based out of Malaysia and Man-El-Son from South Sudan. As the title says, the track is an ode to the haters. The rappers seem to have little or no filter in their expression.

The title is based on a real-life incident where one of their friends in a brawl had used the phrase “You f**k With Me”, I will decimate you, as you can hear it playing in the intro of the track. DSmoove produced the instrumental and Thrillokh, himself did the post production for the track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track

“Who the ones that be trying to throw dirt on my name,  

Bad blood in your veins but u show fake love to my face

Wishing you was me but u don have no style or  grace,

Put you in your place, I break your knees and leave you maimed”.

Stream “Decimate Em” By Thrillokh, Nicki Ziee, And Man-El-Son Here: