DesiHipHop’s Hot Or Naah? (W/2)

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We, at, are happy to announce our new weekly edition which is entirely dedicated to the underground. This piece features some of the most insane underground releases which, unfortunately, didn’t reach out to a mass audience. We’ll bring you some of the week’s best releases from the underground and you’ll have to decide if they’re Hot or Naah!

This week witnessed a lot of releases but these are the ones that we think were the best.

1. Searching You- Harry Cheema

Harry Cheema is one of the promising hip-hop artists from Chandigarh. He dropped his latest single called “Searching You”. It is based on a true story kind of thing and he wrote about real life experiences which he had in the past. The song “Searching You” has this feeling and emotion of being awestruck by someone.

Harry Cheema did the music and the post-production for “Searching You”. Vin and Him shot the visuals and Varun Arora edited the music video.

Significant Lyrics Of “Searching You”:

“Dil mera lae gayi, par numbr nahi ditta mainu jaanke,

Dil mera lae gayi, tainu labda firan main Instagram te,

Dil mera lae gayi, hun vekhle bani meri jaan te,

Dil mera lae gayi, tera naam hi reh gaya zuban pe”.

Stream “Searching You” Here:

2. Danav- Mr.Bunny

“Danav” is the title track of MrBunny’s debut mini EP. It is the sequel of Tandav which he had dropped last year. Just like its prequel, Danav is all about dissing wack rappers. The ones who claim to be the best but they didn’t get good bars to back it up. In addition, he also talks about some of his past grudges with some artists.

The track features lyrical enthusiasm and how the artist and his crew The Poetic Revolution was backed up by the previous intimacy of reaching a particular level of artistry done by those fake artists.

IVN Beats produced the instrumental for “Danav”. Smogy has directed the video and  BOB did the videography. Mamang Khongsai handled the post production of the track.

Significant Lyrics From The Track:

“Kathin hai ye raste,

Kitne kaate hai bhare,

Dabe hue the awaaz,

Zinda lash na koi aash”

Stream “Danav” By Mr.Bunny Here:


3. Vastavikta- Mob D

“Vastavikta”, the new solo track of Mob D  is all about the reality that has been forbidden or unspoken. Mob D is from Verbalord Music Crew and he represents the Dehradun City and through each and every track. Verbalord Music is trying to push the scene because Dehradun is one of the underrated city in the desi rap scene. Dehradun has enormous talent and the underground rap scene in the city is dope.
The music for “Vastavikta” is produced by Vintageman beats. Honey Panwar handled the post production for “Vastavikta”. Tarun Rawat shot the video and also did the designing of the cover art.
According to Mob D, the independence of speech has been dominated by the customs and beliefs. He thinks that rap genre has been all about brutal poetry.  As matter of fact, the track “Vastavikta” represents the same reality which stays unspoken. The art is all about expressing and this track strictly revolves around the dark corners of the society.
Significant Lyrics From The Track:

“Mai kehta hoti chinta hai chita samaan,

Adhura gyaan lekar bande , bantte hain gyaan,

Chinta na mai karun chintan jinta jyada gyaan ,

Banda banta utna hi balwaan”.

Stream “Vastavikta” Here:


4. Zubaan- Music Luck

The rapper from Rajasthan has released his new track “Zubaan”. The beat of this track is produced by Mpokis. He himself did the post production for “Zubaan”. When he heard this beat online, he really liked it and wanted to spit rhymes on it.

So, in “Zubaan” he talks about his struggle life and how he wants to achieve something in his life. This track is all about the hustle that he does in his day to day life.

Significant Lyrics Of  “Zubaan”:

“Ab tumhe bhi btaya, Safar mera samjaya,

Dekho aage bhi mai pahochu, Waqt karna nahi jaaya,

Abhi hath na muqaam, Naa hi Lage-gi lagaam,

Zubaan Karti rahe meri qatal sar-e-aam”

Stream “Zubaan” Here:


5. Besharam-Wazeer Ft Krush Jr

This track focuses on what things people say when you start rapping.What a rapper feels after stepping into the game. In addition, when he Dropped his first track many people told him to leave it.

This is the story of every hustler who is trying very hard to get what he loves. The instrumental of “Besharam” was produced by Mors. Wazeer and Krush Jr did the Post Production for “Besharam” and Wazeer did the spectrum visuals as well.

Significant Lyrics Of “Besharam”:

“Apne shauk ko lagaam di, Kaam ki sirf baat ki,

31st tumhara, Party normal, meri raat thi,

Dasvi ke baad chaiye phone, Mujhe, mic ki talaash hi”.

Stream “Besharam” Here: