DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/76)


Desi Hip-Hop, as a genre, is growing prodigiously. A lot of artists release their music every week for their audience and for the culture predominantly. We, at, try to pick the releases that circles everywhere on the social media throughout the week. However, these hand-picked releases are not placed in any numerological order because it’s not based on statistics.

hot 5 of the week


Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective is respected for a reason. A new track every week is not an easy job but hey, that’s not the only thing that makes them different. Sun J has been producing some seriously amazing instrumentals and Crost, on the other hand, is worth the appreciation. Their latest release is “Jump” and it has a different bounce in it. These Indian versions of Snoop Dogg and J.Cole are nowhere near stopping.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Fati padi hai teri, tu jaake le sila,
Jitne kar sake ikkattha, tu sab ko le mila,
Verse jab main karta, pehla bar hi deta hai hila,
Beat jo banaun log bolein mujh ko J Dilla”

Watch the music video of “Jump” by Sun J and Crost here:



Jaitay Bhardwaj, known as J-Trix, released “Struggle” this week. However, its a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” but the way J-Trix has written it is definitely ear-catching. On the other hand, the video is not too flashy but goes well with the audio. As the name suggests, J talks about his struggle throughout the track. Ayush Tater has shot the video and J himself has mixed and mastered the track.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Log tumhe daantege, kosenge, jhaadenge,
Bolenge bakwas par jab tere paas hogi kamyaabi,
Dekh lena matlabi wahi log tere piche har roz bhaagenge.”

Watch the music video of “Struggle” by J-Trix here:



Bunny Chakraborty, MrBunny is an Imphal-based artist. After dropping several tracks, “Danav” came out and it definitely deserves this slot. The lyrical placement of words is brilliant which, as a result, produced a magnificent flow. IVN has produced the instrumental of “Danav”. Another thing is the mixing and masteing. Mamang Khongsai has delivered a nice mix without compromising anything from the track. In addition, Smogy has shot the required video.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Mein hoon danav mujhse bhid na dobara,
Agar hai tu asli tho kar muqabala”

Watch the music video of “Danav” by MrBunny here:



This is a straight up commercial number. Punjabi vocals over a trap-inspired instrumental produced by Barrel. Kirat Gill wrote the track impressively but if you’re not a Punjabi, you’ll struggle in grasping the meaning. Puneet Kohli and Marshall fulfilled the demand of the track with their verses. Varun has mixed and mastered “Barrel”.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“This industry need a change but I’m a hundred dollar bill”

Watch the music video of “Mitheya” here:



“Car Nachdi” came out a few days ago and the disagreement among fans and haters went viral on social media. People who don’t like Bohemia suggested that the camera work was jacked from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’. His fans suggest otherwise but the way video is shot is simply magnificent. The track, on the other hand, is a blend of Punjabi vocals, trap and hip-hop.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Jede kalam kittey geet maine saare hit,
Jede palang thalle note tere counterfeit.
Scientific, meri shayri futuristic,
Matrix, mere bol jivein camera tricks”

Watch the music video of “Car Nachdi” here: