DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/75)

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Desi Hip-Hop, as a genre, is growing prodigiously. A lot of artists release their music every week for their audience and for the culture predominantly. We, at, try to pick the releases that circles everywhere on the social media throughout the week. However, these hand-picked releases are not placed in any numerological order because it’s not based on statistics.

hot 5 of the week


Mumbai’s Finest released the video of ‘Mumbai Till I Die‘. In addition,’Mumbai Till I Die’ was shot at the 4th Edition of Planet RadioCity Freedom Awards. ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ features 2 time Red Bull BC One Champion, BBoy Flying Machine. He was featured along with Bboy Sonic and BBoy Wild Child from the Beast Mode Crew. Ace asked everyone about the existing name of their city, Mumbai, by giving them two choices: Bombay or Mumbai. Kevin Rathod has handled the cinematography impressively. Abhishek, on the other hand, has edited the video brilliantly. Equally important, Nasty Ninja and Diefferent have produced ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ amazingly. Puma India sponsored the clothing and Qyuki Music has powered the music video. This is the title track of their album, ‘Mumbai Till I Die‘.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Bande kharab hain, Dhandey haraam ke,
Paani sharaab hai, Paisa insaaf hai.
Phir bhi jaan ek aas hai, ek khwaab hai”

Watch the music video of ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ by Mumbai’s Finest here:



Rocky recently released the video of ‘Passion‘ and trust us, the video lit. ‘Passion’, as the name suggests, is all about being passionate. Rocky wrote the song about the distractions that come in his journey and how he likes to avoid them. As a matter of fact, Rocky’s auto-tune driven vocals are a blessing to him. However, ‘Passion’ is new-school trap music and demands the same style of auto-tune but Rocky’s way of putting it together is divergent. Addition of Har Man on the production end took the track to a whole new level of being catchy.

‘Passion’ is the first promotional single from Rocky Glock’s EP, ‘Too Young, Too Damaged‘. A.Void and Sachin have shot a brilliant video for the track and it gels up with the track impressively.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Na karun complaint, na karun preach kya right, kya wrong,
Sirf teen dost. Ek mic, ek beat aur ek headphone,
Uthun main jaldi, karun recording 4 in the morn,
Teri maal sunti der raat tak yaara mera song”

Watch the music video of ‘Passion’ by Rocky Glock here:



Delhi-based rappers Laddu G and Harsh have been getting quite a recognition in the desi underground hip-hop scene. Laddu G, in particular, has been in the game from an impressive time now. He has worked with renowned Punjabi singer Mika Singh before. Harsh, on the other hand, has done a few tracks recently and has left his mark already. He picked up the pen in 2009 but earned his share of respect in the recent past. Tracks like ‘Susti‘ had his spot along with eminent artists, Puneet Kohli and Marshal The III. They both earned their respective slots on JC Sona‘s remix of ‘Susti’ and ‘Intro‘. One hell of an achievement, right?

Laddu G and Harsh came back together once again for  ‘Shabdaan Da Bhuchhaal‘. exclusively released this track on June 9, 2017 to push the single. As the name suggests, track is all about wordplay and punchlines with some really august flow switches. Since Laddy G and Harsh came back together after a span of two months, the hype should be real. Laddu G’s primary strength is wordplay based on atypical rhyme schemes. On the other hand, Harsh is known for creating punchlines with lucid references. Marshall The III has edited the video amazingly.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Baalaan da style vi tera,
Bilkul mere jungle varga hai,
Tenu lagda hai tu kambal varga hai,
Jijaa tera kambal varga hai”

Watch the music video of ‘Shabdaan Da Bhuchhaal here:



In addition to ‘Dosh Pt.2’, the track deals with the rape victims especially the child who was brutally raped and has added into the growing numbers of Delhi rape cases. In fact, it also shows the current conditions of our society and the attitude they have towards these incidences. Nowadays, people are so connected to social media that they forgot the real life and their responsibility to teach young minds. When DesiHipHop asked Hurricane about ‘Dosh Pt.2’ he said that: “The idea of doing such a song came to me when I read an article about a 6-year-old girl child was being raped by 4 men and they put stones in her vagina but she survived. Our media played the classical role to earn their TRP ratings by providing us with inappropriate caption and details”.

The fact, that such a small child can be a victim of these kinds of things reminds him of his childhood in a certain manner and it’s so disturbing that a few days later another such incidence was highlighted.

Significant lyrics from the track:
“Choti si kali vo, galiyon mein pali vo.
Sabne kaha tha, too sambhal-ke chali vo.
Jis rang mein dhala, uss rang mein dhali vo.
Na jane fir uski, khusi na khali vo”

We should support such tracks so that we can educate our young minds that not to pick wrong ways in your life. If you see someone is doing something wrong then raise your voice about it. Don’t let anyone ruin someone’s life for their pleasure. Support good music.

Stream ‘DOSH Pt.2’ here:



Rahul Jaluthria, Smoke, released ‘Rambo‘ this week. It is just another hardcore hip hop track. ‘Rambo’ was being delayed as Smoke held back on the track for a month. In the meantime, there was a good amount of songs came out and inspired Smoke to pick up the pen. Smoke, as a matter of fact, went way too hard on this beat which was produced by Josh Petruccio. Tushar has filmed some basic shots for the visuals but they go well with the vibe of ‘Rambo’.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Guru main inka jaise lahori,
Ye saare hain keel, main jaise hathodi,
Ho chukey broke, hathon mein katori,
Sun na nahi chahta koi tumhari story”

Watch the music video of ‘Rambo’ by Smoke here: