DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/73)


Desi Hip-Hop, as a genre, is growing prodigiously. A lot of artists release their music every week for their audience and for the culture predominantly. We, at, try to pick the releases that circles everywhere on the social media throughout the week. However, these hand-picked releases are not placed in any numerological order because it’s not based on statistics.

Wanna know what’s hot this week? Find out in the article below.

hot 5 of the week


Hindi rap sensation Pardhaan, once again proved his skills with his brand new track ‘Power Peg’. However, he once again collaborated with his favorite music producer from Punjab, Sukh-E. This track is all about booze and his love for alcohol. A lot of you might have heard this track last year with Bohemia’s verse on it.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Daaru ke swimming pool mein main nahata hoon,
Main bithata hoon apne ispey dunyia ko,
Kewal sundar ladki ko main chadhata hoon,
Gaadi meri mein jaise khula daaru bar,
Lagi F1 race aise main daudata hoon”

Watch ‘Power Peg’ by Pardhaan here:



Since, the audio already came out, everyone thought that was it. But Guru Lahori knows how to stay in the news. He decided to drop the video of ‘Woh’ and everyone loved it. This almost one-minute long video came out as a treat for his fans. Basically, the idea behind ‘Woh’ is a very brief 1 minute audio/visual experience that captures a thought/experience that most of us have.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Naazreen kaisa laga ye tamasha?
Afreen Afreen har nazara.
Aise na aayegi dubara kabhi,
Aise na aayegi dubara”

Watch ‘Woh’ by Guru Lahori here:



Gurugram’s very own KR$NA drops, ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai‘. Just like his previous hip hop songs, ‘Dekh Kaun Aaya Wapis‘, this is also an AK Projekts’ presentation which is powered by One Digital Entertainment. Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ is a very popular Delhi slang which literally translates to, “You are not capable enough”. KR$NA rapper is calling out wack rappers while cementing his position because of his credentials. Mainstream giants such as Raftaar and Manj Music have also shared the track and shown appreciation.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Nayee Delhi represent from my end,
R.O flow yani style mera Kent”

Watch ‘Tere Buss Ki Na Hai’ by KR$NA here:



Fateh recently dropped this track and it’s all about punchlines and in-your-face style of bars. ‘Chakkme’ features PAM on the hook segment and the hook in his deep bass-toned voice goes perfectly with the track. The instrumental itself has a different style of bounce in it. The beat goes hard but at the same time, gives a head-banging vibe. The way Fateh has spat of this beat is remarkable and was much needed.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Artist kai chadd jaandey, bann jaandey lazy,
Sukkheyaan de nasheyan te ho jaanda crazy,

Watch ‘Chakkme’ by Fateh here:



‘2 Ka Pahada’ is Seedhe Maut’s mixtape which came out last week. It has already become one of the most celebrated mixtapes from Delhi hip-hop scene. ‘Royalty’ from ‘2 Ka Pahada’ was praised for Encore ABJ‘s insane wordplay. Calm, on the other hand, dubbed a majority of this mixtape in 1/3 beat signature. Checkout the full mixtape to get the vibe of what Delhi is all about.

Stream ‘2 Ka Phada’ by Seedhe Maut here: