DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/71)

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Desi Hip-Hop, as a genre, is growing prodigiously. A lot of artists release their music every week for their audience and for the culture predominantly. We, at, try to pick the releases that circles everywhere on the social media throughout the week. However, these hand-picked releases are not placed in any numerological order because it’s not based on statistics.

Wanna know what’s hot this week? Find out in the article below.

hot 5 of the week


New Delhi mixtape, “Khatarnaak” came out last week exclusively on It features some of the finest artists from the city and holds some serious hip-hop vibes. Sun J, Yungsta who was formerly known as Youngsta Ash, Encore ABJ, Calm and MC Heam are the artists on the beats which were exclusively produced by Prabh Deep. The name of the EP might sound similar to The Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective but they’re not to be mistaken.

Stream “Khatarnaak” mixtape here:


Dino James, a Mumbai-based music producer and a hip-hop artist is back again with his new track “Kaalia”. Dino James is famous for doing tracks likes “Girlfriend” and “Loser”. It is his experiences of being a dark guy in India. As a matter of fact, being black is still a taboo in some parts of the desi countries. People still discriminates you on the basis of your color. So, if you’re dark in complexion, this one will make you feel good.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Muh pe ignore kiya karta tha mera saara group,
And girls are like, “Vo kitna gora hai na! He is so cute”,
Moujood par vajood gupt vilupt,
I’m still confused ki mujh par hi padi hai kya saari dhoop?”

Watch “Kaalia” by Dino James here:


Xenon Phoenix is a Pune-based hip-hop artist. Recently, Xenon Phoenix collaborated with a Colorado-based rapper Kidd Kayos on a track called “Been Through It”. This is the latest single from Xenon Phoenix’s side project. In “Been Through It”, you can also hear a New York-based upcoming hip-hop artist Lilo Key. He has a lot’s of hit singles on Youtube biggest hip-hop channel Rap Nation.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Better days and better nights,
The way I’m pushing indictment,
Hustled hard, no breaking rules,
Challenges keep getting exciting”

Watch “Been Through It” by Xenon Phoenix and Kid Kayos here:


Frappe Ash‘s latest drop is a remix of Jidenna‘s “Bambi” and it is filled with soul to the max. Frappe flows over the “Bambi” instrumental very smoothly and in the mist drops poetic rhymes. On the other hand, the rhyme pattern complements the happy vibe of the beat. Similarly, flow switches perfectly fit the instrumental. The video shot by Galat Scenes adds to the listeners experience of the track. However, people who have a knack for good music and lyrics, “Bambi” is perfect for them.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“I guess, it is your presence I seek,
I really don’t know where I’ll be,
And why ain’t you speaking to me,
You’re the one who told me go believe in your dreams”

Watch “Bambi” by Frappe Ash here:


Fourever’s music video has everything – glamour, drama and intriguing story line. It is about the aftermath of the end of a relationship. Not being able to cope with reality, the artist finds solace in the end of a liquor bottle. Penning down his emotions in whatever he finds, including a piece of tissue paper. While this topic is something very common, Enkore’s take on it is rhythmic and easy to connect to because of his unique style.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“F**k timesheets I wanna sign a mag until I,
I’m signing DVD covers of the 8 mile of my life”

Watch “Fourever” by Enkore here: