DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/69)

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Desi Hip-Hop, as a genre, is growing prodigiously. A lot of artists release their music every week for their audience and for the culture predominantly. We, at, try to pick the releases that circles everywhere on the social media throughout the week. However, these hand-picked releases are not placed in any numerological order because it’s not based on statistics.

Wanna know what’s hot this week? Find out in the article below.

hot 5 of the week

1. “ME VS ME” – B.I.R.

“Me Vs Me” has a strong message that you have to compete with yourself. To summarize, the real fight throughout the life should be with yourself. The track has samples from Lionel Liston Smith‘s song “A Garden of Peace” and Jay Z‘s “Dead President”. The beat is resampled and reproduced by Jsin. He also did the post production of “Me Vs Me”. The video is directed by Jerry Tran. Indi Marwah designed the cover art for “Me Vs Me”. They shot “Me Vs Me” in San Francisco, California.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Rabba de mera sath inaa dum hove kam ch,
Rooh tak poche paa kala meri kalam ch,
Let’s take ride tusi haige mere zone ch,
Logic nu main suna, J.Cole bajje phone ch”

Watch “Me Vs Me” here:


With their new found selves, The Capital Crew members decided to get back in the lab and create supernova flames for everybody who loves hip-hop. They dedicate their track “Chiraq Remix” to their fans. It’s nothing fancy. It’s raw and it goes hard. They make music for the underrated, unheard, underdogs who work very hard on themselves constantly to better themselves but often get rejected for being too real They paid homage to Chicago’s “Drill Music” with “Chiraq Remix”.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Started recording in grade nine,
‘N’ bombs and some fake rhymes,
Cassette player bumping 8 mile,
Love the music I’mma make mine.”

Watch “Chiraq (Remix)” here:


“All My Munde” or “AMM” is a chill-pop or laid-back track. This track is definitely a treat for the stoners. However, people who appreciate soothing hip-hop music are going to love “AMM” as well. It’s a remix of Wiz Khalifa‘s 2015 single, “Banger”, which originally featured Ty Dolla $ignRishab Sharma, widely known as Olvin, holds an eminent level of reputation when it comes to storytelling. Hardy, on the other hand, is more of a laid-back and chill-hop artist. Olvin and Hardy have proved their worth at different periods of time.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Shehar M-Block lega kaun rok?
Ladke saath ke hai jo bhi saare poore dope,
Baat khari saari todu unke fukre shaunk,
Karun shuru main khatam ho jahaan teri soch”

Watch “All My Munde” here:


Mohit Vaishnav, who named himself Wazeer, is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Gujarat. “Aagaz” is written and performed by Wazeer. The instrumental of the track is produced by Twani. He has also handled the post production of the track. NmC shot the video while Wazeer and  Sathvi did the editing of the video. The main reason behind the creation of “Aagaz” was to bring Marwadi rap in the desi hip-hop Scene in India. So, he thought of writing a free verse with Hindi bars and Marwadi rhymes. The track is recorded at his residence.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Shlokkaar main mere shabdkosh ka samundar vishal hai,
Bars haanikaarak ye shuruwaati haalat hain,
Beef ki nahi mujhe beaton ki pyaas hai,
No girls no Honey Singh tumhe mere kaam pe aitraaz hai”

Watch “Aagaz” here:


In “Gone, Not Forgotten”, San Cha talks about his closest friend’s sudden demise. As the track proceeds, San Cha tries to explain the story by mentioning a series of events that took place in a chronological order. “Gone, Not Forgotten” depicts each and every event that occurred during that time. Schnod, his favorite Youtube music producer, created the instrumental for “Gone, Not Forgotten”. Mustafa Qadri Designs has done the visuals for the track. San Cha did the post production for “Gone, Not Forgotten”. If you follow San Cha’s music, you know the fact that each record of him has a story in it.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Suna maine tez tha wo gira hai sadak pe,
Helmet tha hath mein, gira to seedha sir pe,
Hosh raha der kuch laga wo tadapne,
Dekha usey pada par log gaye ghar apne”

Listen “Gone, Not Forgotten” here: