DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/62)


It’s a new week and that means a new Hot 5!

As you know, there are tonnes of Desi Hip Hop artists putting out tracks every day. We try our best to watch out for each and every one of those tracks and listen to them. Below are the Hot 5 Tracks we’re feeling this week at the DHH HQ.



This is the kind of lyricism is pushing the scene to the next level. Yungsta is setting a high bar for all the artists in the underground. The beat is a banger by definition and it’s amazing to listen to Yungsta as he rides it to the fullest. A perfect hook with amazing flow switching in between makes Yungsta’s style versatile. The project is mix and mastered by Yungsta himself and the video has been done by Inflict.

Watch ‘Ready’ by Yungsta here:


Rocky Glock released this track and declaring his style of living as ‘Jaahil‘. This one is an autotune-driven track with some impressive chilling vibes. It’s not based on a particular theme but that’s the best part about it. ‘Jaahil’ is mixed wisely with smooth backing vocals and almost inaudible ad-libs. Basshole produced this track for Rocky and you’ll understand why this instrumental sounds good with his vocals.

Watch ‘Jaahil’ by Rocky Glock here:


‘Days & Nights’ is basically about the gloomy silent days and forsaken long nights, where hopes and dreams are on the verge of extinction for a musician. It’s about the time when the supporters turn their backs on them and staying strong remains the last resort. Notorious Sam aims to bring quality hip-hop music in his city and to put Guwahati on the map. The instrumental is taken from ‘CashMoneyAP‘ and the whole track is recorded at ‘Hot Box18, Note Gang’. The video is shot by 2Man Innovations and  ZerO24. 

Watch ‘Days & Nights’ by Notorious Sam here:


In today’s world where people are looking for “Casual Relationships” and “Fake Love” (#DrakeReference). This track paints the trend of faking love to the person who was genuinely involved and was on the other end of the fake relationship. The way both these artists have put their emotions on the track, every individual who has been through a heartbreak will connect to it. The instrumental is created by J-Set and the engineering for it is done by Rishi G.

Listen to ‘WHERE ARE YOU NOW’ by Rishi and Huzur here:


P Swish opens up the track with a couple of multiple syllable rhymes at a double time tempo and gets full attention from that moment onwards. Other than effortless switches in flow, he is a good lyricist and has a flair for writing some really wicked stuff. The concept behind the track is that it describes the voyage from how to turn a thought into an actual track. There have been attempts in the past on similar themes but ‘The Process’ is way better than most of them.

Watch ‘The Process’ by P Swish here:

What did you think about our Hot 5 of the Week? Have a different one, share with us in the comments section!