DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 of The Week (W/57)


It’s a new week and that means a new Hot 5!

As you know, there are tonnes of Desi Hip Hop tracks out each week and we try our best to watch out and listen to every one of those. Below are the hot 5 Tracks we’re feeling this week at DHH HQ.



If I say ‘Seedhe Maut Anthem‘ was one of the most anticipated tracks in the underground, I won’t be lying. It came out last week after a delay of almost 10 months. Encore ABJ and Calm both choked this instrumental to death by spitting their insane verses on it. Sajeel Kapoor who is also known as Sez, produced this beat for Seedhe Maut and Inflict decided to give this audio some dope visuals. This track features some really interesting and dynamic flow switches with some jaw-dropping rhyme patterns.

Watch ‘Seedhe Maut Anthem’ by Seedhe Maut here:


What You Talkin’ About‘ came out as a surprise as it was their second release after ‘The City‘ within the span of seven days. This track is all about claiming what they’ve done for the growth of the overall desi hip-hop scene in Mumbai. Diefferent produced this instrumental for his crew but the whole project was mixed by Rahul Parmar in Mumbai. Arsh Sharma mastered everything to deliver the final product. Play this one and you’ll know why they should be respected.

Watch ‘What You Talkin’ About’ by Mumbai’s Finest here:


This one might not sound important to you by its name but trust me, this is important. Twisted Turns‘ is Xenon‘s latest drop which is a collaboration with a well-known Polish producer Forxst who has a mysterious face. The concept behind Xenon’s lyrics is about a mysterious woman haunting him in his dream. Relating his past experiences from relationships. This is one of the darkest tracks that has come out in recent times.

Watch ‘Twisted Turns’ by Xenon Phoenix here:


Ricky has undoubtedly delivered a true to art track.  It’s all about how he has grown from what he was yesterday. It’s a track about self-awareness and self-growth. He didn’t go off topic at all. ‘Launda Bada Ho Gaya’ features elements of both commercial and classic type of music that are very wisely blended with hip-hop. This track is a must check for you if you have had enough of the music that’s trending these days.

Watch ‘Launda Bada Ho Gaya’ by Ricky here:


Me, Myself and I‘ is a Strings-driven instrumental which was produced by Dope Muzik. Slyck recorded it with a very clearly vocal quality and the track was then given for mixing and mastering to Prabh Deep who undoubtedly did a great job. Final audio sounds crisp and fat at the same time. Bishmen handled the visuals part of this track by directing and shooting the video himself and whatever he did is the best that this song could ever get.

Watch ‘Me, Myself and I’ by Slyck TwoShadez here: