DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/50)

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Desi Hip Hop is growing in India and it is growing at a fast rate. There are a tonnes of releases every week and at Desi HipHop, we try our best to watch out and listen to every one of those. Below are hot 5 Hip Hop tracks we’re feeling this week at DHH HQ.


1- Daaku Daddy 2 – ishQ Bector ft Shakti Kapoor, Funk You & Ananya Sen Gupta

IshQ Bector is back to give a spin on his classic track ‘Dakku Daddy‘. IshQ Bector is known to have fun with instrumentals as well as his music videos. Music video is a must watch for those with a sense of humor. The shots are done perfectly and just to top this off the music video is directed by IshQ Bector.

2- Jasmine Sandlas – The Joke – Music Video (Explicit Lyrics)

Jasmine recently came out with a track which she decided to call ‘The Joke‘. This single is nothing but a diss which features subliminal shots targeted towards an artist which she didn’t disclose. Lines like “I thought you had my back. Yes I was wrong, I guess I’m glad that I only let you be on one of my song” & “still never hit the stage, say your name” are said to be some of the subliminal shots that she took towards Bohemia. Here rebellious nature is well known in the music industry & this single by her concretes that image.

3- Big H – First Kill

Big H is a Karachi based artist who is working from Kuwait nowadays. He took this issue on his own & decided to take shots on J. Hind by releasing ‘First Kill‘. ‘First Kill’ features punches like “You’re polluting the game & underground is a remedy, ‘Desi Hip-Hop President’ we’ll do you like Kennedy” are filled throughout the release and is a must check out for every hip hop head.

4- A.B.Y – The Slumgods – Dekh Tamasha

A.B.Y’s ‘Dekh Tamasha’ is dope with lyricism harder than metal and an instrumental so perfect. Music produced by Abhinav Sunil (Space Crocodile) is banging and he deserves the props for creating a glitch beat which we hardly see in the Indian Hip Hop scene.

5- Sun j – Bhaad Mei Jao

Sun J’s up tempo drop has a flavor of wittiness in it. ‘Bhaad Me Jao’ is about how he has not been caring about the society that pulls him down but it doesn’t sound dark at all. It’s video is a graphical concept which goes with song.

Bonus –

RD Prince – Mera Desh

RD Prince‘s music has been making rounds around the underground. This is one artist whose resume is diverse from bangers to conscious tracks, he is definitely one artist to look out for. ‘Mera Desh’ is one of his conscious tracks. With a banging trap styled beat and a flow so good this track makes you think about your country almost makes you feel patriotic.