DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/36)

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Desi Hip Hop is growing in india and it is growing at a fast rate. There are tons of releases every week and we at Desi HipHop try our best to watch out and listen to every one of those. Below are hot 5 Hip Hop tracks we’re feeling this week at DHH HQ.

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1- Emiway – Tadak Padak

Emiway is easily one of the most debated artists from Bombay. Tadak Padak is a high energy and high octane track which describes how Emiway wants to accomplish all of his dreams and how he is willing to give in everything to make them come true. His flow is spot on and accompanied with a very Bombay-ish delivery which is abundantly loaded with the local slang.

2- Seedhe Maut – THat Part (Remix)

Seedhe Maut is a duo which consists of ‘Encore ABJ‘ & ‘Calm‘. They have been making some noise in the underground scene and everyone was looking for them to release something under their new brand name ‘Seedhe Maut’. The duo has released a remix of THat Part originally performed and recorded by SchoolBoyQ Ft. Kanye West. They said this is just the trailer of what’s to come and they both did a really great job in this remix and it is already going viral on facebook with over 100+ shares and 3500+ views overnight, this is a big achievement for an underground artist.

3- Re-Vision – B3 x Jawdropper x Aakarshit x Har Man x Badmynd

Re-Vision is an EP inspired from classic 90’s Old School  hip hop scene. These talented boys from New Delhi have made a mark in the scene. Check out the EP below on soundcloud because it got that fire you are looking for.

4- Naezy – Asal Hustle

Naezy just dropped, Asal Hustle and it is something which should be checked out by everyone who is looking for some real content in Desi Hip Hop. The OML signed artist talks about the struggles, situations and consequences which one has to go through while pursuing their dreams.

5- KKG – Game Over | Reprod. Sound Shikari

KKG (Kala Kurta Gang) OG’s from Mohali City are back with a killer track Game Over. Kala Kurta Gang consists of Rob C, Sady Immortal,Velly Sikander Kahlon. Track title signifies the meaning of it and if you listen to the verse’s carefully you will know why. Rob C & Sady Immortal both killed their verse’s on this beat.

Bonus Track-

Lak Hilaade | Amy Jackson | Manj Musik Ft. Raftaar

Manj Musik featuring Raftaar are out with another party banger with slick composition, ‘Lak Hilaade . You will go crazy over Amy Jackson after watching her dance to Manj’s ‘Lak Hilaade’. New recruit in Manj Musik’s team and one of our favourite rappers from Mohali city ‘Sikander Kahlon’ penned down the lyrics for the track with ‘Raftaar’.