DesiHipHop’s Hot 5 Of The Week (W/65)

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It’s a new week and that means a new Hot 5!

As you know, there are tonnes of Desi Hip Hop artists putting out tracks every day. We try our best to watch out for each and every one of those tracks and listen to them. Below are the Hot 5 Tracks we’re feeling this week at the DHH HQ.


1. ‘Pakistan’ – Lazarus

Lazarus is back with ‘Pakistan‘ and the lyrics are in Urdu. Lazarus did this as his contribution to Pakistan and Desi hip-hop. The purpose of it was to thank Lazarus’ ever growing desi following. He has not forgotten where he comes from and maintains the pride for Pakistan’s history and lineage. There is a remarkable change in the fluency, it seems more natural in this release. The instrumental for ‘Pakistan’ was produced by Ghauri and in addition, the elements he has used are perfect for the message. It seems that Lazarus sincerely wanted to do something for Pakistan on Pakistan Day this year. it is clear that this verse is for the country of his roots and bloodline.

Listen to ‘Pakistan’ by Lazarus here:

2. ‘Kaun Aaya Wapis’ – KRSNA

Dekh Kaun Aaya Wapis‘ has an anthem kind of vibe to it. KRSNA has been on the grind for 11 years and this track celebrates his highs and lows. KRSNA delivers straight bars and rides the beat like a champ. He has spent some time in London as a kid and was introduced to the hip-hop culture over there. That is why he decided to shoot the video there. KRSNA has been putting in work and as he mentions in the track he has always been doing it alone and without a crew.

Watch ‘Kaun Aaya Wapis’ by KRSNA here:

3. ‘Khottey Sikkey’ – Sultan

There is a lot of influence of money and girls in rap music today. Since a lot of people talk about this but no one actually cares, Sultan’s approach is a bit different. “Khottey sikkey hum dollar pe padte bhari se” is the hook that says a lot. It is for the people who are underestimated by the society. Raaj Jones released as his X-Clusive track.It’s a movement against the norms of the society. In addition to that, it’s a fight for keeping the element of knowledge alive in hip-hop. Shrey Bharadwaj aka Oye Sheraa has produced ‘Khottey Sikkey’ while the video was handled by Deepesh Goyal. Lowkey Records Worldwide are distributing this track around the globe.

Watch ‘Khottey Sikkey’ by Sultan here:

4. ‘Tham Ja’ – Shaitan

‘Tham Ja’ is one of the catchiest releases this week. Shaitan has produced ‘Tham Ja’ with a lot of efforts. The hook is melodious enough to grab your attention and the post-production by Akash Dew is done with excellence. There is a variety of verses on this track spat by King ND, Raahi & MaaHaa. Every artist on this release has done a great job. ‘Tham Ja’ is the fifth track off Shaitan’s mixtape ‘The Lokal Boy Mixtape’.

Listen to ‘Tham Ja’ by Shaitan here:

5. ‘Dhandhli’ – Aarya

Aarya covers a wide range of topics from rapes, politics, struggling farmers etc. Anything that is mentioned in the news but never sees an action is there on this track. Aarya’s delivery drips of conviction and has a really tight rhyme scheme. The production is crisp and ambient and carries off the track perfectly. The video is just good when it could have been great.

Watch ‘Dhandhli’ by Aarya here: