DesiHipHop in The North East is Something You Shouldn’t Sleep On


Music in Shillong is ever growing and has the taste for all genres of music. It is a state which has always proven itself in the music scene, be it by the ‘Shillong Chamber Choir‘ who have traveled the world with their music or by being a destination for International Rock bands like Michael Learns To Rock, Mr. Big, Scorpions, and Hoobastank. Shillong has earned the title of the ‘Rock Capital‘ of India.


I have done my schooling from Shillong and spent my childhood there, I have personally observed the music scene in the city. People are more influenced by Western music which includes Rap music culture as well. If there is ever a survey for this, I can guarantee that people in Shillong will be more aware of this scene than people living in any other part of the country.

But since the hip-hop scene is growing, it’s growing in every part of the country. Recently, rap crews and artists like Khasi Bloodz, Cryptographik Street Poet, Feyago, Symphonic Movement and Stunnah Beatz gave us an anthem for the North-East which and turned out to be a success. It was not the first one and neither will it be the last as many new artists are adapting to the culture every day.

We all are waiting for desi hip-hop scene in particular to flourish on a level that it finally meets international standards. Let us know how your city is more hip-hop than any other city in the world, till then check out the anthem here and you can follow 101 India Hip Hop Homeland for more: