‘The Desi Unit Cypher’ Truely Represents Unity In Desi Hip Hop


desi unit cypher

Cyphers have always been an integral part of Hip-Hop. In cyphers, the rappers gather around in a circle and start rapping one rapper at a time. The first rapper towards the end of his verse invites the next rapper and so on and so forth. Initially, rappers used to freestyle but as time progressed rappers started coming prepared to the cyphers with pre-written verses embedded in their heads. The cyphers which one witnesses now are more glamorised than one could have perceived but it helped in getting the deserved mass acceptance among audiences.

The very next cypher in the Desi Hip-Hop list is a multi-city cypher. Five different rappers from five different cities come together to give you one awesome cypher. The Desi Unit Cypher features Maahaa from Hyderabad, Raahi representing Chandigarh, The Siege is putting Bombay on the map, ZeeVaas hails from Bengaluru and the Hindi spitter KING ND is from Chennai. I love the concept of a multi-city cypher as it does not just cater diversity to the listener but also fosters a sense of unity among the forever competing rappers in the underground. Every rapper backs up his city and each individual has dedicated their grind to the very city they are living in. Every rapper has done a great job but for me, it was Raahi who stole the show with punchlines on punchlines.

desi unit cypher

K.I.D.D produced the instrumental and has done a killer job in producing it and this is what every rapper calls a ‘spitter beat’. A spitter beat allows you to showcase your skill set and that is exactly what this instrumental does, it gives a rapper space to evenly breakdown the content and then deliver it in a way he finds suitable. More cyphers like these will only lift the scene and can cause no harm to anyone.