DESI TRAPPERZ Drop Their Debut Single, ‘GORILLAS’


I am always scouting for new and edgy Desi artists who are dropping new music. My search got me to a new collective put together by DJ Surinder Rattan which is called, “Desi Trapperz”. It is a UK Based Brit-Asian Music Quartet which if classified on the basis of a genre would be Punjabi Hip-Hop and Desi Trap. Other than DJ Surinder Rattan the crew consists of Mic Singh, Blue Sher and Young Saab. This is their first single, ‘GORILLAS’ and it could not possibly get more new school than this.

Those of you who have been following the Desi Hip-Hop scene for the past few years now must be aware of the prevalent diversity in the scene. All your favourite Desi rappers have developed their signature style over the last few years, it is this dedication which has yielded the required diversity. All the Desi artists being appreciated in our country derive their music from an amalgamation of several old-schools and current American Hip-Hip influences. ‘Desi

‘Desi Trapperz’ might be an exception due to their new school sound. I kept listening to a few Desi Trap tracks or Trap influenced Desi Hip-Hop music but there is nothing like ‘Gorillas’ out there at the moment. The track follows the evergreen Hip-Hop theme of boasts and misogyny. The verses fluctuate between English and Punjabi and are fairly easy to comprehend.

If you are someone who vibes with the new school sound then you will find this interesting, but if you belong to the fraction which still seeks that boom bap vibe then I am sorry to tell you but this release is not for you. ‘Desi Trapperz’ have a very distinct vibe and it would be interesting to see how their future projects sound and what sort of a reaction will they get.

Till then check out the track right here: