Horsepowar’s New Offing ‘Xicanoxo’ Is Deep!


Smooth as butter, Horsepowar is a South Asian channelling her roots through her music and making news with each piece. In her latest video ‘Xicanoxo‘, this rapper brings to life an old connection between Mexicans and Punjabis with a modern day love story. Her story moves like a movie through a tale of how deep the connection between Mexicans and Punjabis is. with a personal history told via the song.


In the video, Horsepowar looking sexy as hell, is seen fantasising a romantic relationship with a Mexican American. The artist explains the kinship between Mexicans and Punjabis which she states, had started with the California Alien Land Act of 1913. With 50 shades of brown, Xicanoxo talks about the relationship in today’s times. The video was shot at the iconic location from ‘Blood In Blood Out‘.

Producer Maieli strikes a beautifully laid back but powerful trap track for Horsepowar to tell her story. The duo brings something hauntingly beautiful and contemporary through this song. It’s part of Horsepowars’ upcoming project ‘Out2Lunch‘.

Check it out right here –