Desi Outlaws And D-Hustlerz Came Together For ‘Bars Baran Maran’

D-Hustlerz and Desi Outlaws came together to create something that sounds dope. D-Hustlerz are from Ludhiana, Punjab and comprises of Jashanpreet Singh, Jeewan Malhi and Jack Ameen. Jack and Jeewan came together to spit something with Gurekam Jot Singh and Rvii Karan of Desi Outlaws, who are from Jalandhar, Punjab.

Bars Baran Maran
Janmeet is known as Infinity in the underground music scene. He is a producer from Jalandhar, Punjab and has delivered some insane work in the past with Kala Kurta Gang‘s Rob C, Brutas and others. ‘Bars Baran Maran‘ is his latest production and it’s definitely catchy enough to grab your attention.

Gurekam Jot Singh went first followed by Jack Ameen. Then went Rvii Karan and the last slot was given to Jeewan Malhi. ‘Bars Baran Maran’ is filled with punches and rhymes in Punjabi. They did everything from recording to mixing and mastering, video editing etc. of this track in three hours. It’s their first release this year and Gurekam has promised to deliver something very big really soon. Jeewan Malhi and Gurekam owned this track with basic rhymes but twisted bars.

Watch ‘Bars Baran Maran’ by Desi Outlaws and D-Hustlerz here: