Desi Hip Hop’s Couple Goals

A relationship is what makes an artist stable and inspires him to create more and attain responsibilities. Throughout the years in the Desi Hip-Hop scene, there have been many relationships that came and went but some stood the test of time. Check out these three amazing couples in the Desi Hip-Hop scene.

1) Bohemia and Sunny David

This lovely couple tied the knot back in June of 2015 and we wish they have a prosperous future. This lovely couple isn’t scared to share their love with their fans and we so envy the way both of them admire each other. Check out a recent picture that the legendary Punjabi rapper shared on his Instagram:

2) Raftaar and Komal Vohra

This cute couple didn’t only stand the test of time but beat the entire concept of it. Raftaar got hitched to his longtime girlfriend in December of 2016 in a private ceremony in Delhi. Raftaar broke the news with a tweet reading

This is couple goal is goals! Raftaar’s wife fully supports his career and helps him along the way. Best wishes to this adorable couple.

3) Badshah and Jasmine

Badshah’s 2017 started off with the best news for him. The couple’s been blessed with an adorable baby girl and we so wish the lovely family best wishes…

Badshah once said in an interview that his wife doesn’t like his music, but his music is thus loved by his millions of fans. This is the eternal love bond that we so adore.

We so wish every couple best wishes and a prosperous and strong future! Who out of these three couples are your favourite? Do let us know on our facebook post.