Desi Hip-Hop And The Misconceptions About Women!

I remember writing articles about how mainstream hip-hop objectifies women and promotes stereotyping. I also remember mentioning Yo! Yo! Honey Singh‘s contribution to it along with a few other names. Unfortunately, These tracks are still here. However, I am very certain that there will be similar music coming out in the future. A lot of folks don’t realize that these tracks constitute of a very small fraction of our music. It is ridiculous to say the least about how a few blogs throw the entire genre of Desi Hip-Hop under the bus for this.

It is funny when blogs such as Vagabomb, put across their opinions based on the mainstream Desi Hip-Hop. As a matter of fact, they’re clueless about Desi Hip-Hop.The Hip-Hop they listen to comes on the radio or TV. It gets funnier when they form their opinions based on tracks which are now 4 to 5 years old and broadly classify the scene as misogynistic.

Raftaar’s latest release “Baby Marwaake Maanegi” tries to justify that “Baby” as an independent woman. An independent woman who should have the right to enjoy parties or drive the car. “Balwant” by Raxstar is also on the similar grounds and has received appreciation for the same. I remember the underground was flooded with releases dedicated to Nirbhaya after the unfortunate New Delhi rape case in 2012. I guess, I forgot to read Vagabomb’s article on that. Oh! they never wrote one.

The homie Big Deal dropped a track, “Heroine” which was an anthem for empowering women:


Raftaar dropped a freestyle, “Aurat” for extending his support towards women:


I can keep posting examples of how Desi Hip-Hop has been used in the past for empowering women. Believe me, the list is endless. Hip-Hop goes through the same turmoil in the western countries, where one bad song puts the entire genres reputation at stake. We are headed in the right direction and just because a few blogs or websites lack awareness about our movement, we should not be deterred.