Desi Artists Praised The “Nirbhaya Rape Case” Verdict!

Nirbhaya Rape Case is one of the most callous cases that the mankind has ever witnessed. An innocent girl was brutally gang-raped on a moving bus on the roads of Delhi a few years ago. The reason we’re doing this article is because we think it is important to stand against these vicious incidents. We, at Desi Hip Hop, feels that it is our responsibility to talk about this social issue to spread some knowledge against these crimes.

Nirbhaya rape case was with Supreme Court of India as the four convicts had challenged the death sentence awarded to them. This sentence was declared by the Delhi high court. Finally, after almost 5 years of the incident, Indian judiciary has given their decision and have decided that the 4 convicts will be hanged. The nation is still protesting for the fifth person who was involved in the rape case but was released by the law because he was under 18.

Nirbhaya rape case-Desi artists Image

The whole nation along with the girl’s family are happy after the supreme court’s decisions. Desi rap artists Brodha V, Divine and many more are supporting the verdict.

Divine, particularly, writes on these type of social issues and the street lives and cases of rape is one such incident. The issue is big in itself and Divine talks about this issue by sharing the article on his social media.

On the other hand, Brodha V also supported the  “Nirbhaya Rape Case” judgment by sharing a post on his facebook page stating

And finally, #Nirbhaya gets justice! My heart goes out to her family and friends! The people who showed support and protested for her cause, the media and press deserve appreciation for standing up and fighting for her everyday till today! This is the way forward! “The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of it’s women” – Swami Vivekananda

We, along with all the Desi Hip Hop artists, supports the final decision of the Indian Supreme Court on the pretext of  “Nirbhaya Rape Case” and wish no one dares to do such criminal activity in the future.