Delhi Rappers Street Show Shut Down By The Cops

The Delhi Police once again managed to shut down a show which was absolutely harmless and in all honestly was extremly entertaining. Of course the street show was of very high importance to them, as they have already caught all the rapists, murderers, thieves and other culprits in Delhi and the city is once again safe. BULLSHIT!

MC Calm from Seedhe Maut and Prabh Deep had made a small announcement day before that they will be performing a live road show and invited everyone to come through. The following is the video where you can see Calm performing their latest hit, ‘The Seedhe Maut Anthem’.  During the performance 2 policemen came in and started intervening. By the end of the clip you can see Prabh trying to argue reasonably with the cops but they refuse to cooperate.

We are here.

Posted by Prabh Deep Sagar on Thursday, February 2, 2017


This whole fiasco was followed by another Facebook live session in which Prabh Deep was furious and was constantly saying, “F*** The Police”. Calm and Sez went ahead with the cops to speak to a senior cop and figure out the matter and seek permission to perform.

They eventually shifted to the Hauz Khas Parking Lot and started playing there without considering what they would do if the cops intervened again. You can see it in the video itself that people passing by stopped and joined in and ultimately lead to a large crowd gathering and the party properly kicking off!

It's about to go down.

Posted by Prabh Deep Sagar on Thursday, February 2, 2017