#DeeReview: Smokey And Prabhdeep’s New Joint Will Sooth Your Soul

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Smokey the Ghost and Prabhdeep jumped on a Sez beat, and out came a masterpiece. Both the artists don’t need to prove anything to anyone, their work speaks for itself. Only My Name is a pure soulful piece, that will touch your heart through your ears. Sez only uplifts the vibe of the whole track with his beautiful production. The artwork is done by Divya Gupta and Shiv Kumar has made the lovely lyric video.

Only My Name sees both Smokey and Prabh in a very humble mood, speaking genuinely of their lives as artists. Smokey gets more personal accepting his past mistakes, looking forward to becoming a better version of himself. While Prabhdeep keeps it straight about being who he is, no need to fake anything here! Well isn’t that the essence of hip hop music in the first place? To open your mind and soul and let your words flow on the beat.

Only yesterday Smokey shared the back story behind the making of this track. Him and Prabh had their first show together and that’s where he met Sez for the first time. Despite knowing only second-hand opinions about each other, Smokey and Sez gelled really well as they kept their egos aside.

smokey prabhdeep only my name

I realise what’s most important is that we all put aside our ego and pride and self-assumed stardom, for a piece of music and found great freedom and friendship in it. That’s why this song means a lot to me. It never takes one producer or one writer to make a song. It takes the culmination of the whole scene,” stated Smokey.

We can surely see the personal touch in Only My Name given by all three artists. Looking forward to more from this trio!

Watch the video here: