#DeeReview: Konkani-Hindi Rap ‘Bebdo’ By Kav-E


Mumbai-based rapper Kav-E has rightly justified his stage name with his latest drop ‘Bebdo’. The beautifully sung track is a bilingual storyteller that captures intricate personal details of the artist’s life. Kav-E has penned lyrics in his native tongue for the first time with this drop. He reveals the song is inspired by the classic with the same name sung by Lorna who was called the ‘Goan Nightingale’.

kave lester cardoz

‘Bebdo’ is a track that shows the state of a heartbroken lover resorting to alcohol and other substances. Well, the literal translation of ‘Bebdo’ is a drunkard. The music video for the same has been shot by Nikhil Vaiude and edited by him and Anmol Gawand aka E.M.F. Kav-E’s own younger brother has acted in the video, which we must say was remarkable.

kave lester cardoz bebdo

It won’t be difficult for Non-Konkani and Hindi speaking audience to understand the track either. All you have to do is go through the description of the music video to find the translation. And that is where you will see why Kav-E is rightfully named as the poet that he is. Just by reading the translated meaning one will be able to feel all emotions that the rapper has tried to capture.

Lester Cardoz aka Kav-E has been a pioneer in the Mumbai underground scene. Being on and off with his presence is something he’s been doing for a long time, but now the rapper is getting back to his form. Kav-E has been working on his debut album with producer Dorian-X who is also from his crew Elsewhere.

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