#DeeReview: ‘Howda’ By Bangalore Rapper Dit-O


Rapper Dit-O has raised his voice against the recent incidents branding Bangalore as an unsafe city. In his latest release ‘Howda’, the rapper defends his city and its people. Instead of complaining, it’s time to take an action is what the track’s message is.

dit-o kannada rapper

Crooning to the tunes produced by DJ Lethal, Dit-O has laid down rhythmic Kannada verses on the beat. The production vibe for ‘Howda’ is quite gangsta-rap like in the lines of beats by Dr. Dre. It is a high on energy track with an old-school vibe to the music video. Dit-O represents the rap group All.OK Productions, members of which can be seen in the music video of the song.

We got our hands on the English translation of the Kannada rap, and it is no less than a revolution anthem. Howda’s lyrics describe the state of Bangalore city where migrants from other cities have come in and settled. According to Dit-O it is them who are putting a bad name to his hometown and assures his listeners that his city is just safe as ever.

howda kannada rap all ok dit o

The track comes in light of the New Year’s Eve mass molestation news which left a dark spot on Bangalore’s name. While the rapper condemns the actions of the goons, he believes it is unfair to degrade entire city’s name for the action of few rotten people. Dit-O also urges women to arm themselves for their own safety and not to be afraid to attack their attackers.

DesiHipHop spoke to the rapper who stated,

Bengaluru is our hometown and has been the best place to live for centuries! Just because of one or two incidents don’t brand the whole city in a wrong way. And as far I have seen Bengaluru’s home crowd respects women from their heart and protect them in such dangerous situations.”

howda rapper dit-O

Dit-O shared his two cents on the South scene being excluded from the hip-hop movement. He stated, “When it comes to rap the mainstream attention has always been only for North India and Chennai. But a lot of people don’t know that there has been a tremendous growth in Kannada rap too. I mean we would love to join the hip-hop hall of fame just like Hindi and Tamil. Kannada rap is the new trending topic of Indian music scene.”

Kannada rappers have set their own league in Desi Hip Hop and have a huge fan following in the South. All.OK comprises of rappers MC Bijju, Alok Babu, DJ Lethal, Dit-O among few others. All of whom have dropped sick tracks previously!

Watch the video for ‘Howda‘ here and share your views with us. It’s Kannada rap on the rise!