Is Deep Money The Reason Behind Raftaar’s Success?

Dilin Nair who is known as Raftaar more popularly in the music industry has turned into a household name now. His struggle and journey have inspired many other artists but the recent interview that he gave to Radio Mirchi‘s RJ Sunny is different from them all. This interview was featured for their Youtube series ‘Car Mein Yaar‘ which came out on December 19, 2016. Many of us didn’t know him like that.

Raftaar has always tried to be a good boy by avoiding social disputes and moot statements but controversies have always found their ways to reach out to him. There were several questions that RJ Sunny wanted answers for but there was one particular question that many of us have been pondering about for a quite while.

“Jealousy mixed with Hennessy is a bad thing”R A F T A A R

No, this is not about his controversy with Yo Yo Honey Singh. It’s about a statement that Deep Money gave in an interview & claimed that he was the one who made Raftaar famous by giving him a slot on his famous single ‘Bottle‘ that came out in 2012.

Raftaar clarified everything and guaranteed that he was acquainted with the music business route before Deep really met him. He even named “Kamli” as his first video that was a Yo Honey Singh and Rimz J‘s single which came out in 2009 and had Raftaar’s verse on it. He said it was Honey who really introduced him with Deep Money and ‘Bottle’ came out afterward. Raftaar affirmed that his shots were expelled from the video of Deep Money’s first record breaking single ‘Dope Shope‘ and what fortunately stayed in the release was his vocals in a few sections & a two second shot of him in the final cut.

Raftaar and Deep have had several issues from a very long time and it’s another example is the video of Deep’s famous single ‘Majnu‘ which had visuals of Kunwar Virk on Raftaar’s verse. Raftaar was there on the track but he wasn’t featured in the video. It seems like Raftaar himself denied to appear in the video because he took subliminal shots on Deep Money in Simranjeet Singh‘s single ‘Gucci Armani‘ where he spat “Saanu majnu ton mangta banaya, Maine tere kharcheyaan piche apneyan nu vechta, Phir kehndi “Video ch kyun ni aaye?” Main keya singer (Deep Money) enna fuddu si main dooja banda (Kunwar Virk) bhejta”.

He has denied every claim that anyone has made on his share of success & I highly suggest you all to watch this interview as I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something that you didn’t know about one of your favorite rappers.