Deep Harks Released “Ehsaas”

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Delhi-based rap artist Deep Harks has recently released a track titled “Ehsaas” and has also posted a video of the track on YouTube. We don’t think that Harks need any kind of introduction and if you are in need of an introduction, and you also listen to hip hop music, then my friend you listen to really poor hip-hop. Harks is the epitome of hip-hop, he is the gold standard in this music genre, the limit beyond which lies nothing because he is at the top.

But mind it, he has reached this zenith after years of hard work and struggles. The world of hip-hop is not a walk in the park. Instead, it is like walking barefoot on lava, it will test you to trial by fire and will test your limits. It will try its best to break you down and make you think as to why you chose this industry. But for those who conquers these tests, become the real artist and pioneers of hip-hop because they have earned it and also earned our respect in the process. And Harks is one of the few artists who has proved their mettle.

Ehsaas Deep Harks Image

So, as we have said earlier, Harks has just released a new track and you guys should and listen to it. We, for the present moment, are not doing a review article. Instead, we are leaving it to you guys, our fans and audience to be the judge as to how the track has fared so far. It will be the most honest review any track will ever get. The video to the track was posted on YouTube on the 22nd April 2017.

Watch Deep Harks “Ehaas” here: