Deep Harks Dropped New Track ‘Chaidi Menu Tu’


Delhi-based Hip-Hop artist Deep Harks is a brilliant rapper as a R’n’B vocalist. His hit tracks like “Ik Waari” and “Mainn” are said to be his breakthrough in the hip hop culture. Hanks has demonstrated his talent time and again and is here again with something new. Recently joining the brigade of artists in the whole hip-hop culture, his songs are a treat to listen to.

Deep Harks is an Underground Rapper and he has been rapping since 2013. His first release video “Leh Sun” turned out in 2015 when he was just 16 years old and it was DesiHipHop that propelled him on YouTube. Deep Harks said that he was motivated by various underground and standard artists, singers and musicians in the whole Desi Hip Hop scene. A year ago Deep launched a solitary “Ek Baat Do” which got positive reviews from his fans. Let us see what Deep Hark has to offer in 2017.

Deep Harks Image

Deep Hark recently released a song ‘Chaidi Menu Tu’ and the music is soothing and serene. It is a bit different from the usual hip hop songs with it loud beats of Dhol and etc. The song is slow to start with most of its characteristics sounds resembling that of EDM trance music. The music has more or electronic music and rarely uses the hip hop sound that the masses is associated with.

The songs speak about the artists’ innermost desires and he conveys it brilliantly through it. To be honest, everyone has their desire and everyone one is working towards it. So this song will click with a lot of people and you people should listen to this track once. I guarantee that you guys will vibe with this song.

The music of the song is given by Infernus, visuals by Mango Man. The Mixing and mastering is by Deep Harks himself and the artwork is by Apex Arts.

Listen “Chaidi Menu Tu” here: