Deep Harks, King Saifi And RD Prince’s Latest Release Is Chill-Hop!

Deep Harks-Hip hop music

Sharan Jeet, professionally known as RD Prince, is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist. He did a track with his mate Thabis Saifi who goes with the stage name King Saifi. Both goes by the name of VIP Munday. Deep Harks, on the other hand, is known for dropping hard verses and some serious RnB vocals. All the above artist are well-known in Desi Hip Ho scene.

Eventually, they came together to drop ‘Stand’ which came out recently. ‘Stand’, as a matter of fact, is a chill-hop track with some laid-back and relaxing vibes. However, lyrics on this track suggests otherwise as they spared no mercy. When I asked Deep Harks about the concept and the story behind its creation he suggested:

“Saifi and RD planned it for themselves initially but they thought my hook would sound cool on the beat. So, I did the hook and programmed the track in 30 minutes. That’s it.”

The instrumental they picked was produced by Charaf. The video, on the other hand, was done by Inderpal Singh. They claim that the video was done in three hours which is pretty impressive.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Mujhe mat tum sikhaana kemujhe kya karne ka,
Ramgarhia, na seekha maine kabhi darne ka,
In rapperon ka kaam, keval form bharne ka,
Apne ko mic. pe tharki ki tarah chadne ka!”

Watch ‘Stand’ by Deep Harks, RD Prince and King Saifi here: