Dee MC’s Comeback With “Taking My Time” Was The Need Of The Hour!


Dee MC just dropped her new video, “Taking My Time”. She has dropped a solo track after a span of 2 years. In a genre which is often symbolised by masculine mascots or at least, that is how most of the folks perceive it, she is fearless in speaking her mind. Dee MC also takes subtle shots at phones fabricating their lives and posting as someone else.

dee mc behti jaana

I caught up with her and this is what she told me about the release:

“Taking My Time is like a comeback track for me as I haven’t released anything in the past two years. At this time when Hip Hop is taking over in our country, I just don’t want to rush to blow up or anything. First, half of the track is about keeping it real with who I am – a middle-class kid with a lot of ambition. Showing that you are poor or from the streets has kind of become like a thing in our scene now and I just wanted to let the audience know that not every rapper is the same. The second half of the track is a message for all the fellow hip-hoppers trying to make it one day. We’re all going places the way hip hop is growing, I’m just taking my time to be worthy of all the love and support.”

KRU 172 killed it on the production. The beat is simple but groovy. It blends fairly well with the vocals on the hook. Dee MC showed love to the crew.

“Every time I get together with Kru172 we create awesomeness! They’re pioneers and professionals in whatever they do. The production style is so distinctive, and the mixing just takes it to another level. I consider myself lucky being associated with artists of such caliber. My first music video was with Kru172, it’s a memory I’ll always cherish.”

The video is shot and edited by Hut Nation and features Poetik Justis, D’Evil and MC Heam. They are shown just kicking it and moving about their hometown. Dee told me a little about their video:

“Aditya Kumar is a very old and dear friend of mine who gets my passion and has always supported me any way he can. ‘Deeva’ from Cipher Challenge was shot by him too. You can expect a lot more coming from Dee MC and Hut Nation this year. The track is dope and her comeback is strong.”

Check out “Taking My Time” here: