Dee MC Is Coming Out With A Music Video After 2 Whole Years!

Mumbai-based rapper Dee MC is coming out with a music video after a very long time. One of the only active female rappers in India took quite a long break there. While her absence was felt on her personal YouTube channel, we saw her collaborate with different artists from time to time.

Dee MC took to her Facebook page and shared the trailer of her next music video. Named ‘Taking My Time‘, it is another collaboration with Chandigarh-based Kru172. Dee MC and Kru172 joined forces to make Talk My Way which was nominated for Radio City Freedom Awards. Their next drop was the controversial diss track RAPScallion.

The trailer for Taking My Time looks promising to the core. In the beginning, we hear a melodious tune which sounds like a sample but it isn’t! Dee has herself crooned the tune which has been modulated by Kru172. The beat gives an old school vibe, something you can expect from Dee and Kru172.

dee mc taking my time

A Snap From Taking My Time

‘Taking My Time’ releases on coming Monday, April 10. The trailer is getting a good response on social media. Everyone seems to be eager what the femcee has to offer this time. Rapper D’Evil and producer HHB can be seen in one of the scenes of the trailer. The official video will see few other known faces from the underground.

Dee MC was recently featured in the Grazia Magazine April edition. Grazia covered the story of her journey as an independent artist remaining that stance from the beginning. She was featured alongside Divine and Naezy. A lot is in store this year as Indian hip hop is offering hits one after the other.

April 10 is awaited, as we are eager to hear ‘Taking My Time’. Dee MC talks literally talks about taking her time in Taking My Time! Stay tuned with us to know more about the track.

Till then watch the official trailer here:

Taking My Time – Official TRAILER

Trailer for my upcoming music video 'Taking My Time' OUT NOW! Official video drops on April 10th, 2017. Till then, watch this – hit the like button if you dig it – don't forget to share it with a friend! #TMT #TakingMyTime #OfficialTRAILER

Posted by Dee MC on Sunday, April 2, 2017