Decoding G-Eazy’s 3rd verse on ‘Everything Will Be Okay’


One of Hip-Hop’s current favorites G-Eazy is having the run of his life. He dropped, ‘These things happen‘ in 2014 and it boomed through the charts, this album established him as a superstar, anyone in his place might have taken a brake and traveled to Bahamas to celebrate his success but not him. He was in the studio working on his next album ‘When it’s dark out‘ which surpassed his previous album in all possible ways.


It is very obvious that the videos for tracks like ‘Me, Myself and I‘ and ‘Calm Down’ were coming because of their popularity among the listeners. Would it wrong to classify such tracks as partially commercial ? The beats have slight EDM elements and RnB/Pop hooks. Being classified as commercial does not take away any credibility of them not being Hip-Hop. A consequence of such commercial success of tracks within an album is that such tracks often over shadow the tracks in which the artist dug deep and tried to write down something which might give you goosebumps after lending your ears to it.

One such track is present in the album, ‘When it’s dark out‘ and is titled, ‘Everything will be okay‘. The track featured his long time friend and collaborator Kehlani on the hook. The first 2 verses on ‘Everything will be okay‘ revolve around the problems which G-Eazy faced while growing up and how he motivated himself to grow up, the two verses are loaded with narratives which will make you feel grateful for the life that you have had thus far. Now the third verse had a story which literally blew me away, the story was so bone chilling that it distracted me away from the brilliant skills which G-Eazy has used to put his words on a canvas and help you visualize what he witnessed.


The following are the lyrics :

“In that first grade class they came and got me
“Your mom’s outside, say goodbye now to everybody”
U-Haul was waiting with all of her things
At least what she could pack
In the time my dad’s at work and before he came back
Way too young to comprehend what was happening
“Are we going to grandma’s?
When are we coming back again?”
Little did I know that we were leaving him by himself
And ten years would pass before Mom sees anybody else
Just us, in middle school I ain’t understand
Who Melissa was and why she wasn’t another man
Biased and confused they try to explain but nobody can
Wanted what I thought was normal, she had another plan
Such is life, even if it took time for me to accept it
No longer Dad now, but a woman with whom she slept with
Or for the years when a secret was how she kept it
I ain’t get it, admittedly I was skeptic
I came around, happiness I see’s what you may have found
And that’s what’s most important
I don’t wanna see you breaking down
I wanna see you smile, I don’t wanna see you make a frown
If she loves you, then that’s all anybody needs maybe now
By ’05 things had gotten worse
Moved to the basement, deep depressions a rotten curse
Hiding in a dark space, her mind and her body hurts
Becoming more reclusive and the pills should have been alerts
So the worse it got, I became more and more afraid
Until one night, I went into that room, on the floor she laid
I shook her she was blue, her skin was cold
She wasn’t breathing
Screamed, “Melissa wake up”
Couldn’t fathom that she was leaving
Mom and Bro was running down, I screamed “somebody help”
Try pumping her chest, CPR, but it didn’t help
Toughest pill to swallow, but we lost, that’s forced reflection
While in her life you made her happy
Thank you for the blessing”

Just reading through the verse one can understand what is happening. One day he just got picked up from school by his mom and they move away, 10 years pass until his mom sees anybody but a few changes start taking place after his mom’s friend Melissa moves into the house. This initially confused and embarrassed Gillum, who could not comprehend the change in his mother’s personal life. However, as he came to accept Mills as a part of the family and grew close to her, Mills became depressed due to drugs she was taking to treat her manic depressive disorder. One day, Gillum came home to find Mills dead from an overdose.

The narration blew me away and I recommend that you should listen to the track in case you have not till now.