Deadly Rapper-Director Teams We Cant Get Enough Of!

Hip-Hop scene is flourishing as we speak and there are few tag teams that are worth looking up to. Producer-rapper duos are quite common in the genre. However, Desi Hip-Hop has an eye on the insane tie ups between rappers and video directors creating magic together. While the rapper paints a picture with his words, the video team is equally on board to add life to it. Take a look at seven such deadly Rapper-Director teams that we are a fan of!

 Rapper Divine – Shot By JD

Representing Gully Gang, Divine and JD have an unbreakable bond. The brothers have been putting out quality stuff for the audience to cherish since inception. It won’t be wrong to say that JD has a strong role behind Divine’s success as both of them have worked shoulder to shoulder to create amazing music videos. From ‘Voice of the Streets‘ to ‘Yeh Mera Bombay‘, to the recently released video of ‘Farak‘, this duo has done it all. We can’t wait to see what more is in store for us offered by these two.

D’Evil – The Outsiders

Rapper D’Evil has been on a steady streak of releasing out of the box videos. His video team quite correctly call themselves The Outsiders. Kedar Amburle and Jaljeet Ajani have teamed up with D’Evil to work on exclusive music videos. After releasing ‘Antisocial‘, which had lot of different characters, D’Evil offered us ‘Kadki‘. Anyone who has watched ‘Kadki’ knows that there is no match to it. The group is now working on their next project ‘Chal Bhak’ which is releasing soon.

Elsewhere – Nikhil Vaiude

Bombay’s hip-hop crew Elsewhere comprises of multi talented rappers. But there is one guy tirelessly working behind the scene for the crew to put out low budget quality music videos. Nikhil Vaiude goes by no stage name, the humble guy works his ass off. He has given music videos like ‘Farewell Summer‘, ‘HEAL‘ and ‘Rapper Lunch‘ to name a few. Nikhil is also the man behind the Battle Bars Bombay videos. Anmol Gawand aka EMF also works with him for the same.

Big Deal – Bishmen Write

Bangalore rapper Big Deal is in his own league. He has been putting out quality music in terms of production and mixes. To add fuel to his fire, he has teamed up with filmmaker Bishmen Write. Bishmen has worked behind lot of hip-hop videos, including his tie up with DHH itself. Recently, they released music video for One Kid‘ out of Big Deal’s EP ‘One Kid With A Dream‘. Bishmen took Indian hip-hop music videos to the next level with this one.

Seedhe Maut & Yungsta – Shot By Inflict

Prakarsh Tewari goes by the pseudo name Shot By Inflict. Over the past two years the Delhi scene has put out back to back music videos. Now you know the man behind it. Rap duo Seedhe Maut, rappers Yungsta, Frappe Ash (now known as ARaw) and Prabhdeep are some of the artists who have had videos shot by Inflict. So basically, this dude is running the music video scene for Delhi underground.

Kru172 – Kru172

Chandigarh’s very own crew Kru172 is pioneer in being all rounder. From production to music videos, the crew does everything on its own. Brothers Nottotune and Lucky have created a two men army for themselves. Their music videos are a treat to the audiences’ eyes the least to say. From beautiful Punjabi music to hardcore old school raps, this duo has offered it all. Videos like ‘Shehar Mera Chandigarh‘, ‘Sunlo Gall‘ and ‘Shaukeen Balliye‘ have all garnered lot of props and views.

Street Academics – Sai Giridhar

Kerala’s crew Street Academics has been killing it down the low. The crew doesn’t indulge in over the top promotions but nonetheless has massive following. Sai Giridhar has been the man behind almost all of their music videos. ‘Vandi Puncture‘ was the first music video by Street Academics to go viral in the state. Apart from which he has made videos for the tracks Chatha Kaakka‘ (Dead Crow), ‘Trapped in Rhymes‘ and ‘Aathmasphere‘.