Day 2 on J. Hind and Manj Musik ‘Beef’ Saga

Social media has been pretty active for #desihiphop fans over the past couple of days as J.Hind threw a few jabs at Manj Musik after he posted a caption on an Instagram post with “Desi Hip Hop Kings” and “men of the moment’ reffering to Badshah and Raftaar. To recap here is J.Hind throwing shots at the one time RDB member as well as what Manj posted on Instagram.


manj musik j. hind


J.Hind part of the Kali Denali team has been going head to head with Manj Musik for quite a while now. The above picture is the most recent one.

Manj recently replied to J.Hind’s disses by trying to pacify the situation. It’s clerar that Manj doesn’t want any beef and aims for unity and pushing the culture as a whole. Check out Manj’s reply to J.Hind

Twitter fingers

Seems Like Manj respects J.Hind’s contribution to the culture and doesn’t want any beef with him or the KDM team. Both J.Hind and Manj Musik have been pushing and promoting the Desi Hip Hop scene to the max. In my perspective both of these artists are legends to the scene.
Manj Musik is promoting Unity through Hip Hop. J Hind’s fans on the contrary have no chill. Check out some of the tweets J.Hind’s fans wrote in context to Manj Musik’s Tweet.

twitter beef

Raftaar had a few tweets in response to the beef. I don’t see how he was trying to calm the situartion like Manj was, instead he seems to be infuriating J. Hind even more.
Check out Raftaar’s tweets.

Raftaar tweetbeef 3

Sikander Kahlon also had something to share on the sunject.

Beef alreat

Is this a beef between under ground and mainstream as Raftaar paints it to be? With J. Hind seeing that Raftaar tweet, he had this to say.


This is getting quite heated with Manj Musik trying to push a message of unity and J.Hind not having any of it from the team who he calls “wedding singers. Twitter has turned into a no chill zone, is this a start to bad blood arising within the scene? We for one hope they all keep it to music and in the spirit of hip hop culture.

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