David Zennie Has Levelled Up The Desi Music Video Business!


David Zennie is an Ohio-based director and producer. He has delivered several big videos and is a very prominent name in the business. As a matter of fact, David has worked with Karl Wolf, Quincy Jones, Yo! Yo! Honey Singh, Imran Khan, Mika Singh and several others. However, David earned a MTV India VMA for the directing the music video of Yo! Yo! Honey Singh’s ‘Brown Rang‘. As a matter of fact, David has also directed ‘Satisfya‘ by Imran and the video was nominated at the 2013 BritAsia Awards.

Here are some of the most iconic videos that were directed by David Zennie.


Yo! Yo! Honey Singh once suggested that ‘Brown Rang’ song was planned to be a very expensive video. The reason behind this was plain and simple. Honey’s study of Indian market has always been commendable and he wanted to deliver a proper western quality video. Guess who he found? Yes, David Zennie.

The music video of Brown Rang song later became a pillar in Honey’s career and acted as his breakthrough single. As a matter of fact, Brown Rang song was the #1 Trending YouTube Video in India 2012 and won an award by MTV India. Actually, Brown Rang song came out as a promotional single for Yo! Yo! Honey Singh’s mixtape, ‘International Villager‘. David shot the video very impressively and had everything from models to an exotic Bugatti Veyron.

Watch behind the scenes of Yo! Yo! Honey Singh’s ‘Brown Rang’ here:



Imran Khan was already on the height of his fame and that’s when ‘Satisfya‘ came out. As a matter of fact, ‘Satisfya’ is considered as one of the most lyrical tracks by Imran Khan. David Zennie stepped in and took the video to another level by involving a Cheetah, throne and Lamborghini Aventador. On the other hand, Imran gave some incredible shots which were finely added in the final cut.

Fire blazing out behind Imran was a charm to watch. However, the track talks about how dedicated Imran is towards his fans and describes his way of working throughout the track. ‘Satisfya’ was a success for both Imran and David Zennie.

Watch the behind the scenes of ‘Satisfya’ by Imran Khan here:



‘Move Your Body’ was one of the most awaited songs by DJ Shadow Dubai. The track featured Badshah and dance-hall legend, Sean Paul. This was Badshah’s first major international collaboration and the video had to be ground-breaking. David Zennie became the obvious choice and the glamour kicked in automatically. Only a single look at the video can tell you that the video is expensive.

Sean Paul, on the other hand, brought his signature dance-hall vocals to the table and Badshah did justice to the track as well. DJ Shadow Dubai gave this dance number to the audience in 2016. In addition, ‘Move Your Body’ was presented by One Digital Entertainment. Have a look at the video and thank David Zennie for these insane visuals.

Watch the music video of ‘Move Your Body’ by DJ Shadow Dubai here:



No doubt, Raftaar came up with the idea of this brilliant track, ‘Instagram Love’. This track is all about love that almost everyone fells in. You meet someone on social media and suddenly you low-key start liking them. Raftaar focused on Instagram, in particular. In conclusion, the video had to be appealing and for this reason, David was the obvious choice.

David, from here on, took the control in his hands and filmed this amazing video. ‘Instagram Love’ finally got the visuals with a perfect balance of easy on eye lights and on point visuals. Visual effects used in the video are sure to grab your attention. Raftaar sung the hook pretty well and every lover felt the vibe of ‘Instagram Love’.

Watch the video of ‘Instagram Love’ by Raftaar here:



‘Satan’ is the track which sparked the Yo! Yo! Honey Singh-Illuminati conspiracy. As a matter of fact, the video came out on 12-12-12 and the title ‘Satan’ fell right in the hands of conspiracy theories. In addition to these two things, Honey was seen taking away the souls out of humans. Arguably, Honey’s eyes were all blazed-up. Further more, the video was shot somewhere in Goa and David gave a different essence to the video. All things considered, it’s not just a music video, it’s a short-film. Therefore, it is the longest video that David has shot for the desi music industry.

Watch the music video of ‘Satan’ by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh here:


David, for sure, is working for desi industry again. In fact, we are sure that David is collaborating with Raftaar really soon as he was seen with him on his social media recently. Let’s see what is he cooking for the mass now. Who do you want us to write about next? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.