How To Create A Zero Budget Music Video ? #ShotByInflict


Prakarsh Tewari Aka Inflict has been behind the camera for almost five years now. A lot of rappers have been constrained to budget be it in the recording process or in the video process. I sat down with Inflict who has a lot of music videos under his belt his recent one being -: to ask him how to go by these constraints.


To create a video on a zero budget Inflict said –

“See, creating a zero budget music video isn’t such a difficult task as people think. All you need is a good concept to go with, you always remember that your story speaks more than your budget. Create a song which is relatable. I see a lot of underground artists these days writing songs about “money and fame and teri bandi meri fan hai” and shit when they cant even afford 10k for a video.

The first advice would be write about what kind of lifestyle you live, be true to your art and ideas will pop up automatically. Once you start noticing things on daily basis, you will realise that there is a lot of stuff which you can write about that doesn’t need a tight budget to work on. I’ve been saying this before and I will say this again , Concept over equipment unless and until your song doesn’t demand so.

Most of the people these days have High definition or even 4k cameras in some cases in their mobile phones itself, take out your phone go outside and shoot plus its definitely easier to shoot on phones than cameras as its handy and portable the other thing would be know editing, editing is the key to a good music video doesn’t matter if you shoot on Red or Arri if your editing isn’t proper it won’t be of use even a bit,on the other hand shoot on a mobile phone and editing properly placing cuts and effects properly I’m pretty sure you will be able to create a far better video.

Creating a storyboard and screenplay for your music video and go accordingly so that you have a proper idea on how to go in a flow and create a proper story (google story boarding and screen play for better understanding).”

I asked him some of the constraints that he faced and Inflict had this to say

“Oh Boy ! It was very difficult for me to get into this because when I started making videos the rap scene was not this big. We didn’t have a lot of people to contact to. Learn things from and grow so technically the only option I had was the internet. I used to sit on my 256mb ram desktop for hours in order to learn how to shoot and edit videos. I watched a lot of videos on youtube everyday to understand the technicalities which I still do even after 4 and a half years.

That is what helps you grow,learn and learn and keep on going from shooting to writing to making music to editing and photography I had tried to learn everything in order to get a better idea and sense on how I want my video to look and feel according to the music. I still remember when I tried using fl studio 8 on my old desktop and it crashed deleting all my data.

Adobe premier pro or after effects weren’t even available then I had to start saving up in order to get myself a better machine for better work you won’t believe what my better machine was, it was an Intel Atom processor 1 gb ram and 250gb hard disk built 11 inch dell laptop on which it was still difficult to edit so I started saving again and got myself an i5 finally in 2013, believe me a good processor really does help. All i would suggest is that know your priorities and spend accordingly, think what you need the most and you gotta compromise with your life in order to make it better for future. I did ”

I hope this article answers some of the questions on constraints in the music video process.