Why is ‘CPEC’ By Rap Engineers One Of The Most Awaited Tracks In The Scene Right Now

The Rap Engineers are finally putting out ‘CPEC‘ this weekend. Those who like to keep a tight eye on the Desi hip-hop scene are well aware of the fact that this track is one of the most awaited tracks right now. Usman Ghauri aka BCL Blade or simply Ghauri produced this track a while ago and it features the rest of their crew. But do you know why this track earned its anticipation a few months ago?

Rap Engineers declared their collaborative effort with Lazarus on their social networking platforms a few months ago and everybody realised that this declaration is more than an accomplishment for the general underground scene. Rap Engineers chose to lead a live event/video shoot at the F9 Park on December 13th for their fans with Lazarus but the collaboration was called off in a couple of days after the announcement.

Rap Engineers - Lazarus

Four days before the shoot, J. Hind got to know about Laz working with Rap Engineers. The collaboration with Rap Engineers was called off and it took both Rap Engineers and Lazarus off guard. Laz’s collaboration with Bohemia was dropping in January and may be both of these releases were clashing with each other. Without wasting a minute, fans started targeting J. Hind since no one else from KDM spoke about this collaboration.

More than half a decade ago a former member of Rap Engineers had rhymed Bohemia’s name with Pneumonia in a little gig that had around 150 individuals as a gathering of people. They took the guarantee that this act was done with a goal of fun and was not meant to be taken seriously by him. The artist who did that also rhymed the names of other popular rappers of that time and has left the scene for years now.

This created a lot of heat in the scene but we everyone is excited for this track as Rap Engineers have already earned a great following in the business and their work speaks for themselves. What do you think of the news? Let us know in the comments below.