Cops Shut Down Delhi Rapper, He’s Back Again This Weekend!

Earlier this month Prab Deep and MC Calm were made to shut down their Live road show at the Haus Khas Village for no apparent reason. Even after peels and reasonably arguing with the two policemen they refused to corporate and the show was shifted to the parking lot.

Once the show shifted to the Hauz Khas Village Parking Lot, they received a good amount of crowd joined them to kick off the party and that was just a warmup.

Prabh Deep is bringing another such performance this Saturday, 18th February 2017, and he promised to do it bigger and better this time. 

Hip Hop in India doesn’t get as much attention or support from the majority of the population but after seeing this we can surely make out that things will not be the same forever. Hip Hop comes out of the streets and should be dedicated to streets. 

As the saying goes “Hip Hop Is For Streets” this man Prabh Deep is proving it by doing such events.
We wish him all the very best for tomorrow’s event and would like to request all those who are a part of this culture to show your support join the Roadshow this Saturday.
Let’s show them #UnityThruHipHop!