Controversies That Helped Yo! Yo! Stay In The Headlines

Yo! Yo! Honey Singh needs no acknowledgment. He has been a household name for a long time now but his music is not the only reason behind his fame. There has been news of him that asserts his association with some controversies and I’m here to talk about the most viral ones today.

Honey Singh

Honey’s name is considered infamous by some as his feud with his old crew Mafia Mundeer has always been a hot topic. Original members of Mafia Mundeer included Raftaar, Lil GoluIkka and Badshah. It’s also rumored that J Star was also one of these members but no one has ever come forward to verify the claims. The formation of Mafia Mundeer has several stories. “We were uploading music on Orkut which has communities to support the growing Hip-Hop scene. Honey found us there and approached us to visit his studio. That’s how we met him” Raftaar said in an interview.

Several issues came about when everyone kind of started to lie about the tracks they were working on secretly with Yo! Yo! at his studio, and a sense of jealousy started to grow. Honey didn’t give them reasonable credits and that’s how this crew came to an end. Honey has never talked about any of these claims publicly but Mafia Mundeer’s member definitely changed for some time and later vanished.

Yo Yo and Badshah


Everyone knows that Honey is not a writer. His verse sounds similar for a particular period and then it changes completely. There is a claim that Badshah used to write songs for him and even had a few verses that he recorded at Honey’s studio that never came out. Honey used those verses in some of his shows and claimed that those verses were written by him. Tracks including Yaar Bathere, Brown Rang etc. are often credited to Badshah’s pen.

They came together on ‘Get Up Jawani‘ which came out as a promotional single for Honey’s mixtape International Villager. Badshah said that this track was initially planned to come out as a single which was delayed by Honey. Badshah paid for the video and even left his job for the sake of his career in music, which eventually didn’t take off for him for another three years.

When the video finally came out, Badshah’s name was not even there on the title, even though he is there in the video and on the track as well. After his comeback from his hiatus, he was asked if Badshah has snatched the throne from him or not to which he said that Badshah is a Tata Nano while he is a Rolls Royce.


Honey Singh and Raftaar’s feud is one of the longest running controversies of their careers. We all have seen Raftaar and Honey together in the video of Rim J‘s Kamli that came out in 2009. He did spit a verse on the track as well. Honey also said his name on the intro of the track just like he did on Preet Harpal‘s song Sharaabiya which had the hook in Raftaar’s voice.

Years later, Raftaar claims that he wrote several songs for him including the smash hit Dope Shope which was sung by Deep Money for his mixtape. He had his shots in the video but never was credited on the mixtape and his shots were removed from the video as well. Luckily, a one-second shot of him remained in the final cut and helped in concreting his claims.


His sudden disappearance fuelled several rumor’ in the industry. He was ruling the airwaves with continuous chartbusters and all of a sudden, he left. He was touring with Shah Rukh Khan for the promotion of ‘Happy New Year‘ and the tour was called ‘SLAM: The TourSome suggested that Shah Rukh did slap him for his unethical ways of working which later dragged him into depression.

He left the tour mid-way and everyone started to believe the news. Some later claimed that this depression dragged him even deeper and his obsession towards drugs increased. There was news that he did check into a rehabilitation centre to get clean.

Honey Singh


Honey is indeed a trendsetter. His songs have been promoting alcohol, girls, club culture, explicit lyrics and what not. His songs promote rape and eve-teasing and objectify women in general. These are some of the allegations that society has been forcing on him from day one. Main Alcoholic Hoon, Chaar Botal Vodka, Dope Shope, One Bottle Down, Satan and many other songs were about the use of alcohol and drugs but he claims that he puts what society demands and he’ll continue doing the same.