Comedy Update : Watch EIC’s Take On The Honey Singh Vs Badshah Debate


East India Comedy are mostly known for their stand up tours and their parody tracks. In a show recently, EIC Vs Bollywood, four members of EIC namely Angad, Sahil, Atul and Kunal discussed lyricism and debated about Honey Singh and Badshah. All for laughs to be precise. Worth a watch for their comedic take on this.

Stand Up Update

The video opens with discussion about Punjabi music which sparked a debate on who’s the a better rapper, Honey Singh or Badshah. They started by discussing the weirdest lyrics that the’ve heard, mentioning lines from tracks like ‘Vroom Vroom’, ‘Isse Kehtey Hai Hip Hop’ and a few more. Atul poking fun at Lil Golu and calling ‘Isse Kehtey Hai Hip Hop’ as an ad for Godrej Nature’s Basket followed by Angad poking fun at Honey Singh’s line from the same track where the rapper mentions that he will bring a Grammy.

Comedy Update Watch EIC take on the debate of Honey Singh Vs Badshah

Then Sahil followed with making jokes about his favourite Badshah track which is ‘Driving Slow‘, Sahil picked out lines and added a comedic twist to it. This was then followed by the four discussing ‘a typical Punjabi rap video’and how materialist they are.

To conclude this bit, they went on to discuss Sindhi music and Sapan had to talk about Gujju rap. In the end they even poked fun at A.R Rehman. Anyone left…?

I hope this triggers your funny bone. It did mine :D