Collaboration b/w Lazarus & Rap Engineers Called Off!


Kamran Rashid Khan aka Lazarus needs no recognition at all but I’ll still brief him for the people who haven’t heard of him. Lazarus is a Vegas based physician by qualification & a rap artist by choice. He has worked with artists like Royce Da 5’9Kuniva, Bizarre etc. & has been appreciated by many other big names from the Hip-Hop industry. Laz has dissed US Presidential Elect Donald Trump in his verses for his moot comments against Muslims & is all set to release his single ‘MTBK’ with Kali Denali Music‘s boss Bohemia.

Islamabad based Hip-Hop team Rap Engineers shook the underground with a solitary web-based social networking post a few days back. The group has four members Xpolymer Dar, Yaruq Masood Malik, Maddy Khan and Ghauri in particular. Every one of them has their individual notoriety in the underground scene and Rap Engineers as a group is one of the most seasoned crews from their locale. Dar is the backbone of ‘They See Battle League‘ and Ghauri is known for leading #SunnoBarsChallenge consistently.

They declared their collaborative effort with Lazarus on their social networking platforms a few days ago and everybody realized that this declaration is more than an accomplishment for the general underground scene. Rap Engineers chose to lead a live event/video shoot at the F9 Park on December 13 for their fans with Lazarus.


Lazarus confirmed the event on his social media but a tweet by Lazarus came out today & started to surface the social media promptly. This tweet by Laz affirms that his collaboration with Rap Engineers has been formally canceled in view of his association with Kali Denali Music. This tweet came out 4 days before the planned date of the event and the reason behind this tweet is still obscure.

Everything was set for the shoot amongst Laz and Rap Engineers as the cash was contributed and the buildup that the news created across the scene was anticipated since the fans were approached to join the video. Four days before the shoot, J. Hind saw that Laz is working together with Rap Engineers. He motivated Lazarus to cancel the joint effort with Rap Engineers and it took both Rap Engineers and Lazarus off guard. Laz’s collaboration with Bohemia is dropping in January. Fans are targeting J. Hind since no one else from KDM has talked about this collaboration. J. Hind came in the news recently regarding his beef with Manj MusikRaftaar. People are claiming that KDM is afraid of the desi underground taking over the rap scene.

Rap Engineers decided to call this project ‘CPEC‘ & was produced by Ghauri. Xpolymar Dar & Lazarus were planned to spit verses and Yaruq Malik was given the hook. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)is a multi-billion dollar project and a backbone for the economy Pakistan. At the same time, it’s very controversial as many governments see this economic growth as a threat to themselves. The whole idea behind the track was the same. Rap Engineers have held the underground for 10+ years and are a backbone to Pakistan’s underground Hip-Hop scene. The name has been in unwanted and uncalled controversies.

After what has happened, the name “CPEC” bodes well at this point. Fans are stating that Rap Engineers are a risk to Pioneers of Desi Hip-Hop as this move by KDM has demonstrated it. Whatever the reason is, this cancellation is definitely frustrating & disappointing for the fans.