Cociney From Jammu And Kashmir Has Dropped ‘Dhuein Me Zindagi’

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Sahil Raina who goes by the stage name of Cociney, is not like every other rapper. He is from a small town called Sunderbani which lies in the district of Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir. Cociney has been rapping from a long time now but ‘Dhuein Me Zindagi‘ is his first track that got my attention.

This is not a track with an amazing mix or brilliant lyricism, the struggle for him is real. He is living in those conditions where survival happens to be a tough daily task. Don’t expect amazing promotional images or video for this song. Cociney has jacked video clips from GTA V and joined them together to create an irrelevant video for the track. Sanjay has produced the instrumental for this track and Cociney’s lyricism is good enough for gaining one’s attention. Sanjay has also mixed and mastered this track for him but mixing and mastering lack some elements.

This track is more of a free-verse with hooks. Cociney did skip the main theme at several moments throughout the song, but it’s not boring at all. An artist who is experimenting to find a vocal style, for him sometimes experimenting is the only way. This is what has happened here.

The main reason behind covering this track even after finding several flaws was to boost the confidence of these guys. Many people out there will not agree with my choice here but I strongly believe that kicking some down is not always the way, but a good little push can often send someone in the right direction.

Watch ‘Dhuein Me Zindagi’ by Cociney here: